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j #lxde
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Is it possible to boot to LTSP over wifi? I have a bunch of small netbooks that would be great for this
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JuJuBee: it would be very slow, unless if you use a local HD to store the image to be used with ltsp fat clients
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and very insecure
technically you can make it work with wlan to ethernet bridges though ...
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I have an edubuntu 12.04 LTSP server with something basic broken (missing?). Symptoms include need to add nbdroot=/opt/ltsp/i386 to default.cfg file. Not all apps on server show on client. No client printing. WHere to turn?
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sligett: the nbdroot should be passed via dhcp
sligett: was this an install that worked before, or a fresh install?
We've been using this server since 2012. Two amateurs "maintaining" it. Let me look at dhcp server. (Didn't know if that was related to other problems.)
17:59* ogra_ bets someone in your LAN brought a laptop with DHCP server installed :)
Well, the clients all boot fine. The dhcp server dhcpd.conf file says 'option root-path "/opt/ltsp/i386";' <-- I think that used to work... Let's ignore the dhcp problem, I'm more worried about programs not working on client that used to work. e.g. clients no longer "have" tuxpaint.
(Off Topic - did you see the blog today?)
sligett: thin or fat clients?
dpkg -S bin/tuxpaint
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On client: dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern *bin/tuxpaint*.
on server: tuxpaint: /usr/bin/tuxpaint-import tuxpaint: /usr/bin/tuxpaint tuxpaint-config: /usr/bin/tuxpaint-config
thin clients.
doesn't sound like a thin client
sligett: my guess is your clients are booting as fat clients.
sligett: well, when you say "on client", you're logging in and running "dpkg -S bin/tuxpaint" from an xterm?
Hmmm. Is there an easy way to force them to be thin? (I don't know how/when that would have happened, but I am in the dark here.)
does "hostname" return the return the name of the server?
hostname returns ltsp490
from a graphical xterm?
from a terminal on the client. i.e. Searched for "term" in "dash home" (unity interface)
if you installed a window manager in the chroot, upgraded ram on the thin clients past a certain threshold, it might trigger autodetection of fat clients
just trying to make sure you're not logging in on the text console
Oh, ltsp490 is NOT server name. rebooted (used different account), hostname is ltsp712. I've never head of autodetection of fat clients. I could go look at other, lesser clients to see how they are.
sligett: look in /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/xsessions ... if there are .desktop files there, you'll possibly trigger fat client autodetection if it has enough ram
sligett: set LTSP_FATCLIENT=false if you want to force thin client behavior
sligett: in lts.conf
Damn, you nailed it! thank you.
First clue is that password verification takes a lot longer. But tux paint is there, and printing works.
shouldn't change password verification time at all
Password verified in about 1 sec when it was a fat client. Maybe 4 or 5 seconds as thin. Cool. Now I have some more things to play with. Maybe we want some fat clients... thanks again.
glad it helped
Back to off-topic - did you see
Gotta run off to my second job. One day I'll come back to ask how to pay for LTSP development (I stumbled upon a debian lts dev payment site last week) (
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oh, the debian-lts stuff, yeah.
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