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Does systemd have to be the running init system for LTSP5, or is it possible simply to have the dependencies while using another init system?
willzyx: are you sure you're asking about ltsp5? Noone maintains that anymore
And I don't think it depended on systemd at all
No, I meant the new LTSP
willzyx: if someone is willing to send patches and maintain ltsp without systemd, I wouldn't mind
But it's easier to develop for one platform rather than target many
Without systemd currently you'd mostly lose the "ltsp service" functionality
Which isn't vital
Which init system are you using?
willzyx: are you a programmer, e.g. can you develop openrc units, or provide snippets on how to disable services under openrc?
(btw, openrc where, on devuan?)
Funtoo. No, I am not a programmer, I wouldn't know how to do it.
In the past, LTSP had a Gentoo maintainer,
if one would emerge now for the new LTSP, we would organize a small "shell library" for how to install / disable services, and LTSP would use that,
but without a maintainer, noone will implement it; well unless funding is found, of course
I see. Maybe that version still works, though?
I think he was able to use some features of ltsp5 in gentoo, by manually also configuring some things
I believe it would be easier for someone to adjust the new version, rather than make that old ltsp5 version run in a recent gentoo-based system
As the new version is a ***lot*** simpler
Ok, I will try it with systemd. Thanks for the help
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Thank you it worked
is it possible to select the ipxe image over a dhcp variable?
Another issue. I'm running a webapp on this server, namely Lichess, and I want to serve it to clients on this network. But Lichess is configured such that it will redirect the browser to localhost, even is I access it through the IP address. So the clients can't access it.
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What I did before was configure Lichess to use server:9663 instead of localhost:9663. I can access the site this way, but it's buggy and I can't actually play a game.
Is it possible to set localhost as a proxy for server on the clients? This will require much less configuration, also for future webapps I install.
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Aison, yes, root-path
willzyx: this isn't really an ltsp question, you can go to #networking and ask "i have pc1 and pc2, and when I type localhost:80 in pc1, I want traffic to be redirected to pc2",
and they'll answer you to "use iptables"
or proxy or whatever
more easily, use ssh
ssh -NL 8080:localhost:80 pc2 will forward pc1:8080 to pc2:80
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I'll try that, thanks.
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hmmm, wondering if it would be hard to implement image sections ltsp.conf ;)
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