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Hi there - i have a question about ltsp images. In you can read: " As an example, let's suppose you create a VM in VirtualBox and call it "debian". At the disk creation dialog, select "VMDK" type and "Fixed size", not "Dynamically allocated". " Is there a reason for the fixed size? Or do dynamic sizes also work - i
prefer those as larger fixed sizes take hours to create.
pedrordep: only fixed sized images work. It takes a second to create them.
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pedrordep: ltsp, while inside the initramfs, doesn't have virtualization libraries, it can't read dynamic images
k - if only they work - thats a simple answer. Thx ;) . This does apply to the vm image type only, right? I am thinking also of simply using a chrootless installation - but inside the virtualization station of a nas.
so for that case i would create the ltsp server in virtualbox - and then import to the virtualization app of the nas (as .ova format)
Sure the restriction doesn't apply for the server itself. A chrootless installation can be e.g. dynamic VM with encrypted ZFS; ltsp won't care
thx a lot - i got it now. (y)
have a nice day
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