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ugh palimpset reports that I have 16 "Solid-State Disks" (the /dev/nbd devices...)
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what do i need to simply load balance rdp connections to our terminal servers. Ive installed the ltsp-cluster-lbserver and configured it but what else do i need?
and i installed the win agents
what do i need to simply load balance rdp connections to our terminal servers. Ive installed the ltsp-cluster-lbserver and configured it but what else do i need. Ive installed the win-agents, but where is the entry point for my clients?
why are you asking twice
it's annoying
i don't know what ltsp-cluster-lbserver is..
it doesn't sound like it has anything to do with clustering ltsp for rdp tho
shouldn't you be balancing on the windows side of things ?
i don't think ltsp-cluster will help you balance your windows terminal server..
anyways.. this isn't a good time for support.. the weekends are always pretty dead
stivo, next time.. don't ask questions multiple .. it doesn't help..
and.. come back on monday during european/usa business hours if you want to get more assistance
sorry , i'm new to irc, i wasnt sure if it was working. The ltsp-cluster diagram clearly shows clients connecting through a load balancer to a windows terminal server, and i have installed the ltsp-cluster-lbagentwin from launchpad. Just need a bit more direction, thanks anyway
well.. folks can help you
i can say i don't know anything about ltsp cluster
just come back monday during the day hours in usa
where are you?
the usa.. but i guess i'm more often here on the weekends than others are
thanks , i'll try again in usa time
stivo, most important.. is weekdays in general..
stivo, one of the authors of ltsp-cluster is in canada
ok , i'll try again Monday. The diagram i refer to is here, it seems to show RDP clients connecting directly to the loadbalancer, which would suit me fine
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