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hi guys, i have this error when i try to pxe boot from my MAC:
i have just copied efi, grub and liveusb folders on my new little partition
if i start same MAC with non efi live usb it work fine, so link (lan, dhcp server etc) is ok
Don't MACs have "boot from network" setting in their UEFI settings?
Why is ipxe needed?
In this case, it looks like the ipxe driver doesn't work, so you should ask this is #ipxe...
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Heh, Microsoft may solve our thin client problem for us :D
weston + wayland + freerdp server-side, and freerdp client-side
It even supports "remoteapps", not just a full desktop
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vagrantc: behold the future of thin clients:
Microsoft will develop a wayland + freerdp based solution for remoteapps :D
wouldn't have predicted that five years ago :)
Btw I switched to visual studio code for development, for some reason I only recently heard of it, it's great!
how's the windows 10 port of LTSP coming along? :)
Hrmmmmmm actually ... :D
15:59* alkisg wonders if he could run nfs-kernel-server and dnsmasq on windows subsystem for linux...
i think the next generation is basically just a virtual machine running linux
they tried porting linux to windows syscalls ... and it worked, but didn't have the performance
I hear a lot of good things about visual studio code... not that I'd ever consider switching as a die-hard nvim user and microsoft hater. but the omglolz I got when I looked up how to do Vim's % in visual studio code (jump to the matching parenthesis)
alas I can't remember the three-key-combo
there we go:
Tip: You can jump to the matching bracket with ⇧⌘\ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+\)
lol seriously
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