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Hi, is there a work around for gdm3 on tty1 not stealing focus from ldm on tty7 in Ubuntu 18.04 fat clients? I have tried a few things to prevent this, but completely disabling gdm in systemd prevents the lock screen from working.
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Heh... the sideeffects of all developers using mate :D
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Hi..Im new to this ..Im trying to set-up a client server sytem..My server hardware is Dell Poweredge T130 and my thin clients are centerm c91v2
Ive been searching and all I see is that LTSP needs the thin clients to PXE boot
Centerm sites does not state if it is capable of PXE boot...
TSS site says the thion clients runs on COS(Linux) and supported protocols are Citrix Receiver, Microsoft RDP 8.1 Compatible
rickyshore: so your question is "does ltsp support my clients"?
If the clients can boot e.g. ubuntu from usb stick, then yes they can run ltsp
ARM Cortex A9 Quad Core 1.6GHz ==> you'll probably need an arm chroot...
How many of these do you have? If it's just a few, it's not worth it, throw them away and get desktop PCs as clients
If it's a lot, start with getting linux to run on them via e.g. usb, and when you've done that, then it's easy to netboot that with ltsp
For example, the steps for raspberrypis which are also arm based, are:
raspberrypi: (#1) Ubuntu/LTSP on Pi 2:, or (#2) Debian/LTSP (with raspbian chroot) on Pi:, or (#3) unofficial Ubuntu/LTSP (with raspbian chroot) on Pi:
its quite a lot..Im trying to set-up 20 of those clients..I was able to make it run by using RDP but I wanted to see if running LTSP would be better
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octaquad is already gone, but I had some solution to than gdm3/gnome3/ldm/lockscreen problem in rhel repo... I just don't remember what it was anymore...
Eh, for me it's ubuntu mate for 18.04, while for 20.04 where we'll need to move to wayland/gnome, we'll probably end up rewriting ltsp without all the legacy stuff...
so, no ldm, pam etc etc
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join nbd
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