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hello, how to avoid that the user accounts that were used from the clients to access the LTSP on Ubuntu 18, once their desktop is loaded, cannot open a terminal from where they can execute commands
uninstall the terminal? :)
run some program in "kiosk mode" ?
they can only destroy their own files, as soon as you reboot an LTSP client it's in a pristine state. What do you want to achieve / prevent?
just that they can damage the server if they are expert users in linux commands, then there is no risk that they can access the terminal
if you don't give them root / sudo there's not much they can do to damage anything
all programs run locally, so if they run a forkbomb they'll only lock up their own computer, not the server
if they log in on the server using the user accounts to run a forkbomb there... removing the terminal won't help: they can simply connect their laptop to your network to login on the server
for a professional environment I wouldn't worry about it
in a school environment with kids: yeah
there are so many ways to cause havoc
Thanks, I wanted to understand that point, so what is loaded in the client is like a sandbox
In my case, it is for use by university students and some are from systems engineering, some of which are very curious, that's why my query
yes, LTSP runs so called fat clients meaning the files come from the network but the computations are all done locally
do by default they'll only annoy themselves with their curiosity
well thank you very much
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Hello, how can I see the level of workload in network traffic, ram usage of the clients connected to my LTSP on ubuntu server 18, I did the test on a thin client HP T5565 that has 890 RAM and 1 G of disk hard and it takes almost 3 minutes to load the desktop and then to be able to use the browser I notice it too slow, in parallel I am testing it in
virtual clients on a vmware workstation connected in bridge mode to the LTSP server network and there if the response is acceptable
The LTSP server has 10 virtual CPUs, 24 GB of RAM,
The server and the client are connected to the same switch.
To browse the web the clients need 4 GB RAM
If they only have 1GB either throw them away, or use a 32 bit operating system and don't use a browser
See also
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Hello, so with these hardware characteristics of the HP T5565 thin clients that I plan to use to use LTSP installed on ubuntu 18 as they are very slow from the clients, what version of ubuntu is lighter and adapts to those hardware capabilities of the tinclient indicated, I want the minimum users to navigate the internet and use open office
Here is the photo of the hardware characteristics of the HPT5565 thinclient
I have any chance with those Thinclient?
any modern web browser is going to use more ram than you have available
a lot of sites will refuse to work with old browser ...
open office is also really heavy on resources
though most folks use libreoffice these days ... same issue though
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!forget cheap-client
The operation succeeded.
Anyway, you can get i5 clients with 8 GB RAM with just 100€, don't bother with these ancient 20 years old clients that you have:
Today's Internet needs at least 4 GB RAM, and older OS won't do it. You'd need an older Internet, which isn't available.
Even if you install a 10 years old browser, the memory usage will be high because the web pages use a lot more and heavier javascript / css / html nowadays, with higher resolution images etc, so they need more RAM than ever
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I recently got myself a nanopi r5s, and have to say it's pretty amazing... I wonder how long it'll be until an ARM based ltsp client is the best choice
(it's also great as a router / server since it's got three rj45 connectors)
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