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sbalneav: Olá!
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Morning all
ogra: "s" is Scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey all
hey jammcq
Hi, ogra!!!
jammcq: Hey!!! How are you?
Morning jammcq, ogra, Guaraldo
doing great, how's things down there?
sbalneav: !s
Guaraldo: "s" is Scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jammcq: Nice...
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sbalneav: "localdev" is (#1) Information regarding using pluggable devices and cdroms with LTSP can be found at, or (#2) for ubuntu:, or (#3) for debian-edu:, or (#4)
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ok. i bought a crapton of ltsp term 1220s from More than half of them kernel panic on boot when using the ubuntu 6.10 tarball from
It panics trying to probe some ACPI register or something
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aha. after searching through the wiki i have found a solution.
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Anyone here?!! I'm having trouble using San Disk Cruzer USB drives with edubuntu 7.04 LTSP. Other brands seem to work fine. Anyone else see this? Any ideas how to fix it?
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sgonzalez: Is it an unpartitioned USB device?
sbalneav: not totally sure. I've just been reading and it seems others have had this issue, but with earlier versions of Ubuntu.
sbalneav: I have the same thing this forum is discussing: Cruzers with U3 software that won't mount, but the LED lights. Works with Windows but not Linux. Has this crazy U3 software that makes it seem like a CD.
Usually, it's always been some whacky extra partition they put on the device with software on it.
A reformat/repartition usually seems to work.
I can try to get one to try it. These are students' drives, so I have to find someone that doesn't mind me messing with their drive. I'm sure I can but they're hitting the buses right now.
BTW, should I reformat in Linux or Windows or it doesn't matter? I've never formatted using Linux... can you tell me how? CLI or GUI... either way.
I reformat all my memory sticks using ext2, because I only use Linux, so I'm probably not the best guy to ask :)
I'd expect you'd just use fdisk to partition a dos partition then a mkfs -t vfat
I'll try it. If I can't get that to work, I'll try Winders. Thanks for the suggestion...
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hi guys.. I'm having a problem mounting the NFS directories (rc.sysinit call)...
It was working great when connect to a simple switch
I moved the LTS server to a 48 port 1 gb switch and it stopped mounting this partition
I have seen this behavior before and disabled the flow control and it worked
but with this brand new switch it still doesn't work
does someone have a tip?
mountd[3442]: authenticated mount request from ws230.ltsp:969 for /opt/ltsp/i386 (/opt/ltsp/i386)
and the lts client stop after third "no nfs responding"
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vykarian: check the switch for both spanning tree and for Portfast or some such
gad1, spanning tree is disable, should that be different for that?
vykarian: good. I believe it should be disabled
is it a cisco rswitch?
er, switch
allied telesyn GS950.. thats disabled
hmm... well, it authenticated the mount request
so, the packets seem to get through
have you looked at:
yeah, already changed that in dhcp.. same behavior
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vykarian: is it a prob with 1 client or all clients?
2 clients, same behavior.. if I link the server at other switch (with no management) it works =\
make sure the switch isn't filtering out any traffic, and also check for things like "spped boost" or "port fast" or "port speed"
oh, also look for large packet support or some such
some of these switches either do tricks to speed things up for internet traffic that kill other kinds of traffic
or compensate for some non-standard (can you believe it) Windows packets
ty for ur help.. I'll give my shots overhere.. keep in touch if I find the solution for wiki update.
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whatd they do this time?
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I'm a total LTSP newb. Does this work with sound?
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<PiousMinion> says that debian Etch has LTSP-5, but 'apt-cache show ltsp-server' says it has 0.99 wtf?
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