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Ok so i installed debian
i actually kinda like it
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just a question: does shared memory 9MB will affect Fat clients because i got a old MB which gets boot successfully but the login screen (username and password ) box comes to extreme right of the screen and after login screen keeps flickering and nothing works
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how to create multiple boot servers in ltsp clusters
can i have multiple boot servers after googling i could no find any solution
does any oen tried it
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how can we have additional boot server in ltsp ubuntu
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hola estoy haicendo un proyecto para fin de curso con lts, mi pregunta es la siguiente porque cuando creo un usuario en el servidor lts con "useradd" luego no me logea en el thinclient pero si creo un usuario en adduser si me deja logearme en el thin client
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mgariepy: did you guys feel the earth quake ?
I feel it all the time! (Philippines)
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sbalneav: Scotty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey ho!
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jammcq, nop i didn't
maybe stgraber felt it in montreal.
wow, seems like it was fairly close to you
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I know someone in Rochester NY that felt it
jammcq: didn't feel it here
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Help needed for some X question!
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Noticed mouse event polling seems slow on ltsp (i think that might be the problem)
mouse vent polling?
..event polling.. ..leads to apps like firefox, tb, opera reacting low on scrolling
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is there a way to increse event polling rate in ltsp xdmcp connections?
there's not a polling rate
the mouse is a device. it generates hardware interrupts that the device driver and then the x-mouse driver turn into events for the X event loop to react to
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it's not like there's something sitting there saying... hey mouse,, you got anything for me? No? ok, i'll come back in 20 msecs and ask again
if you move the mouse around on the screen, does it keep up?
still, is there a way then to increase the "sending rate" over the xdmcp connetion? (not a dev, sorry if i dont know the eaxact process involved)
mouse is fine and responsive.
I'd suggest looking at your video driver
however, e.g. grabbing scroll bar in firefox, scroll handle (and web site position) get update like only once a second.
sounds like it's not good at moving large chunks of pixels on the screen
what kind of video card?
yes, might be just fireofx bad handling of redraw, i guessed, too.
what version of firefox?
its an old netbook, nont know vide card, but this is general problem on all my PCs when used as thin client.
up-to-date version of firefox. it is not a "bug" in itself. it affects several apps, like Thunderbird, opera, firefox.
probably nothing to do about it, but wanted to ask if ther might be some trick to X event handling to make ltsp session look more "respnsive" in general
directx: If you want to turn off encryption to the workstation, which will speed up performance at the cost of security, you need to specify LDM_DIRECTX=True in your lts.conf file. Type !docs in IRC to get a link to the current documentation
svenn: ^^
did that already, to no avail :(
unless you really are using xdmcp
xdmcp is just the protocol used to get you logged in and the session started. after that... it's just the 'X' protocol
thing is, mouse wheel scrolling at moderate rate actually moves the display much smoother and a lot faster than scrolling with scroll bar, so eg firefox seems capable of doing it smoothly at least.
might be X (or whoever involved) is "holding back" events until I stop moving??
in effort to speed up display but the exact opposite is achieved in this respect..
have you verified that LDM_DIRECTX is working?
yes. display is much slower without LDM_DIRECTX
using mint with mate (gnome fork) for user sessions. I could go and try out kde, see if gtk is the reason the redraw is getting delayed on fast mouse movement/wheel scrolling..
was just hoping someone here would have some fast ltsp "tweak" for that ;)
try something lighter than kde, like lxde or xfce
point, will do that, however, xfce is gtk just the same ;) my idea was to see if Qt event handling and redraw perhaps performs better..
although ..probably not, in the end its still firefox's engine (which was.. ?)
..gecko, right.
firefox is gtk
yes, but isn't gecko running underneath als pltform independent rendering engine?
19:50 platform..
sure, there are geckos in the mix
btw, chromium fails completely, even scrolling simple google results page is unusable.. ;)
i think the web has failed us all
with major new browser versions every few weeks, it's a ridiculous platform
svenn: xterm scrolls very fast, fltk just a bit slower, qt and gtk much slower. Try the wheel in xterm to see the difference. Not much you can do about that. For the scrool bar scrolling vs wheel scrolling, it's a firefox setting, google for "firefox disable smooth scrolling" or such, it might have a setting in about:config
;) ..of course, my netbook is slow (and has probably to do some software rendering in this setup) .. using my desktop pc as thin client makes it all perform better, BUT then, using some self-made terminal server solution back in 2009, with a 900 MHz thin client performed way better then current solution..
alkisg: "firefox disable smooth scrolling" already disabled ;)
yeah, terminals and also neutilus (mate caja) scroll much better.
E.g. xterm might use some copyrect() X function, while firefox bitblt() to redraw, and that's the source of the speed differences (using different X functions)
I think E17 performed better on thin clients... I want to try it again at some point
xterm should also be way faster than e.g. gnome-terminal
19:58* vagrantc waves to alkisg
@vagrantc .yeah firefox version scheme seems quite ridiculous ;)
GTK uses too many buffers for smoother display.. that's good for non-thin clients, but on ancient machines, it sucks a bit
Hi vagrantc, hi all! :)
19:59* vagrantc needs to start messing with LTSP6 now the wheezy released
It's a nice time to start hacking on LTSP6... if we're to ship it with ubuntu 14.04 and jessie
oh ..another question coming to mind!..
what's te trick compiz works with ltsp xdmcp, but not when e.g. connecting from mdm (old gdm) through xdmcp?
Which flag am I missing there?
vagrantc: I've been wondering if it would be a good idea to create symlinks with fixed names for x86, pae and x64 kernels... then we wouldn't need to update pxelinux.cfg/default when a new kernel is installed, making it much easier for users to just edit pxelinux.cfg/default instead of having to update update-kernels.conf, run update-initramfs -u, ltsp-update-kernels etc...
svenn: maybe the LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=true environment variable
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alkisg: thanks! will try that some time..
vagrantc: e.g. vmlinuz-x32/initrd.img-x32, vmlinuz-pae, vmlinuz-x64...
svenn: LTSP does't really use XDMCP anymore
E.g. now there's no easy way to create a pxelinux.cfg/01-mac-address file to point a specific client to the "latest non-pae kernel"
alkisg: i did actually want multiple kernel versins available for testing
20:07[GuS] has left IRC ([GuS]!~MysT@unaffiliated/gus/x-663402, Quit: Konversation terminated!)
That's where the full menu would help
alkisg: but it would be a useful default
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With all the available kernels, sorted just with sort -frV
vagrantc: so which protocoll is used by ldm if LDM_DIRECTX=True?
The name of the protocol is just "X" :)
The login is done via ssh
i got about half-way towards gettng the menu generation where i wanted it...
alkisg: ok, will have to dig deeper into that.. :)
vagrantc: Ubuntu 12.04.2 and 12.10+ no longer ship non-pae kernels, so the current update-kernels logic is broken there
As "linux-image-generic" actually means "pae" now
While in 12.04.1, it meant "non-pae"... so Ubuntu 12.04.1 installations behave correctly, and 12.04.2 are broken :(
alkisg: also would love to try and participate in ltsp, ..if time allows. as said, did a full ts and clint solution once on my own back in 2009, using xfs exports, xdmcp, and some self-made client start scripts, for overlay mounting, swap etc.
svenn: contribution is always welcome... do you have any development skills? But also testing + ideas are nice too...
web site, wiki, mailing list... there are lots of areas where we need help, apart from the development
general admin, and bash to a fair extent is all i can conrtibute, but testing + ideas usually quite a few ;)
alkisg: that seems like a ridiculous thin to break in an LTS release...
Yeah :( It's part of their "hardware enablement stack", where they push newer kernels to LTS releases, but breaking the naming was a bad idea :(
20:14* vagrantc was hoping to get a newer libpam-sshauth into debian unstable
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wonder if scotty's made any improvements since i last worked on it
anyways, gotta roll
20:15* vagrantc waves
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alkisg: general admin, and bash to a fair extent only, testing + ideas usually quite a few, but little free time..
svenn1: haha, I know the feeling :) we all have little free time, that's why ltsp has stagnated a bit the last months..
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svenn1: afaik usbip is dead upstream
alkisg: in pidgin, how do I addres someone in chat window without manually writing "alkisg:" every time?
alk, tab
tab autocompletes the user name
alkisg: :) thx
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Hello! I'm trying to get local printing working (and it kind of is), but it seems to take forever for the printer to actually print something
I narrowed it down to the local client itself
I try to write to the raw device and it takes about 5 minutes (and I'm not exagerating) for the printer to print
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