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Goodday, i have a problem with new computers on ltsp. i run wget -O snponly.efi its works for some minutes and its hangs after . what can be the cause. this new computers seens not to have ligancy bios
jannyboy: when you say "it hangs after a few minutes", do you mean on the next reboot?
Try to poweroff a client. Then unplug its power cord. Then push the power button. This will discharge the motherboard capasitors. Then plug the power cord and power the client on. Does it work OK then?
alkisg: NO , its stack on downloading NBP file
And if you run the wget command again, then it works for a few minutes?
still doing the same
<alkisg> "And if you run the wget command..." <- can i share my screen sir. everything stops when ltsp not working
jannyboy: sharing the server screen won't help
jannyboy: the clients, are they laptops? Do they have a local disk?
i mean my ltsp server terminal
Yes, the ltsp workstations, the clients, they're desktops. Do they have a local disk?
no they dont have
Write this in a USB stick:
Try to boot a client with that. And see if it works EVERY time properly.
It's ipxe.efi in a stick
If it always works, then the problem is with your client UEFI firmware, you'll need a firmware update...
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