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Hello, has any one been able to get a thiin client running on ltsp with less than the advisable amount of RAM. I just bought a HPT5300 thin client only to find out the 32mb (flash) rom and 64MB SDRAM both fixed and can't be upgraded. Is there anyway using scripts or simillar to have the ltsp image load onto a USB flash drive? Any help would be appreciated
qwebirc64724, the LTSP image is loaded over network, not into memory
It will not make a difference if it's on a USB stick or on a network drive.
Or at least not anything substantial I think.
I know alkisg has had some success with clients with very little ram, but he's not around now... if you stick around and wait for him, he might be able to answer your question. :)
Ok, Thanks for that I'll try and wait
Not sure if he'll be here though... it is weekend after all. :) During weekdays you might have more luck.
Feel free to download your favorite IRC client though, and point it to in #ltsp, or to read the logs at to see if alkisg has answered yet. :)000000000000
Sure will. I'll try & keep googling in the mean time incase I come across some info. Thanks again.
Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend. ;-)
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alkisg, see logs. :)
Hey Hypey
Yeah ok if he comes back I'll... advice him to tweak 10.04 a bit
...or just use DSL :D
Damn Small Linux, yeah.
Sometimes it's just DL.. ;)
or D&SL
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17:56* Hyperbyte just finished building the 2U new LTSP server for Radio Capelle. :-)
And it works! Server hardware part is finished. :-) Now onto installing it in the rack and actually testing and configuring the LTSP environment. :-)
17:57* Hyperbyte loves LTSP
nice one Hyperbyte
making good use of your weekend i see
Sure. :) All voluntary work, so I get to feel real good about myself too as a bonus. ;-)
hhi :)
has anyone installed ltsp with connection to LDAP? I have some trouble with this.
First: Connection with LDAP and normal clients work, also connection on the LTSPserver works. For example: NX or terminal
Only when people logged in the Thinclient, sometime user can login, but it is a very long timeout. And then i can't see all menus, sometimes the logoutbutton is not here, sometimes there is only a whitescreen after login...
whats going on? I spend a lot of time for these things.
it is a special LTSP and LDAP auth?
boospy, LTSP uses SSH for authentication
With thin clients, you need to configure your LTSP server to use LDAP... that's it... if SSH'ing takes a long time sometimes, see the auth log or syslog
hi Hyperbyte
yes i have done this.
but it work not really. On the Server it works, on a normal installed Client it works, but on LTSP Thinclient it does not work.
authlog says ok. An finger oder who on the server says that the user is still logged in on the client
but then i have only a Whitescree or some menu fails to load....
Hrm... I just configured LDAP on my server and everything worked fine
To clarify, I configured my server as an LDAP client and I didn't configure anything for LDAP on my LTSP clients
I've never had to troubleshoot anything like you're talking about, so I can't really help you... but stick around, I'm sure someone else will be able to shed some light.
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hmm, interessting...
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