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hi there, im back - i asked yesterday about the mounting of a qnap-nas. The last question we had was if sshfs works. I found out it does not really - meaning:
sshfs username@ /home/username/testfolder/ -> not working
sshfs nas-admin@ /home/username/testfolder/ -> working
In Summary this means, that the NAS allows ssh/sftp only for the admin of the nas - not the users. I found a topic in the qnap forum talking about this restriction. It is what it is - and i will go with nfs as this works with the ldap credentials for now to keep things simple.
What it does support is nfs-v2+3+4.
So the FSTAB_HOME=" /mnt/fileserver nfs defaults,nolock 0 0" i already use is working - i only have to add additional nfs rights to the user groups of the qnap-nas (which is done in the nas right managment).
There is also the possibility to set a home folder for the qnap-users which is located under .
So my - maybe dumb - questions to that would be:
1. is there a way to add some placeholder in the /etc/ltsp-conf for the username in so i can mount the individual home folder instead of one level above ( 2. so each user will land in their specific home. Hope you know what i mean.
3. Another thing is: can a 2nd mount be added the same way? Or will this be a problem?
4. Also i found that LTSP supports nfs-v3. Is nfs-v4 also supported? I couldnt find anything about that.
5. And lastly as with that i got a working (chrootless pxe - do i get it right that when i add a program, change settings etc. i only have to run "ltsp initrd"?
1) That is not easy, because you want to mount per client, not per user. E.g. suppose that you two users to login at the same time, from vt1 and vt2
it can be done with pam_mount and some magic, but you'll need to configure it alone, ltsp won't help you with that
2. You can add as many mounts as you want with FSTAB_x in ltsp.conf
Eeeh you named that "3" instead of 2, ok ...
4) initramfs-tools supports nfs3 for booting. Linux supports nfs3 and nfs4 for /home. LTSP uses these tools so it has these restrictions. So yeah, you can use nfs4 for /home
5. When you modify /usr on the server (e.g. install a new program), you run `ltsp image /`. When you add users or modify ltsp.conf, you run `ltsp initrd`.
ted852: ^
ok got it :D thx a friggin lot. Would have taken a lot longer without the help. All the hints you gave got it working.  <3
all the best and have a nice day (y) =*
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Hello guys. I know this is not a real LTSP questions - but as i searched for some hours now and couldnt find an answer myself: what is your experience with setting up global configurations? To be more precise: multiuser settings for Firefox (extensions, settings) and Libreoffice (path to Templates, colour schemes, fonts). Normally all the user
settings are saved in /home/user/.mozilla and /home/user/.libreoffice - so settings like the mentioned paths etc. done there shouldnt be visible for all. For Firefox i found Firefox ESR  - which seems to create /usr/lib/firefox-esr/ on installation where settings can be saved - and therefor will be global. So far i couldnt find anything like that
for libreoffice. Maybe one of you has experience with that and could give me a hint. Thx a lot. And thx for the great ltsp-software 8)
The key is to search for how distributions customize Firefox and libreoffice. Then just imitate whatever the customization packages are doing
For example Firefox can be customized with JavaScript files. You do not need the ESR version
Java is not really my strong suit - the esr solution sounded more doable for an advanced-not-expert user ;). But thx for the input. You wouldnt by any chance have some knowledge about libreoffice also?
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