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hello ltsp team. I need heavy configuration for LTSP-FAT client with GUI. As it seems read only filesystem, what do you suggest ?
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Hello, sorry I was away when the question was posted to me regarding the Raspberry Pi. You are correct in that the Pi cannot PXE boot so we are not connecting to our LTSP server booting through PXE. We hardcode the LTSP Server IP in a file on the SD Card of the PI and it makes the connection to the LTSP server.
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I can connect without issue to our LTSP server from the Pi. Problem is though this O/S I'm using called Berry Terminal ignores any instructions in the lts.conf file so I cannot use it. Is there another way to add a startup instruction to a client in LTSP?
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greavette, what is Berry Terminal and why are you using it?
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Berry Terminal is an O/S created for the Raspberry Pi computer. It's used to connect to an LTSP server. Raspberry Pi's cannot PXE boot so this is the only way to connect the Pi to an LTSP server.
does berry terminal have ltsp client packages on it? could it not be made to tftp the lts.conf on startup?
Hmmm, that's a question I'd have to put to the creator of Berry Terminal on the Raspberry Pi forums. Sorry, I don't know this answer. I suppose I could use the Autostart Application in Ubuntu 12.04 (which is where I've installed LTSP) to start rdesktop. My plan is to use these very cheap Raspberry Pi computers ($35) as a sort of Thin Client. I connect the Pi to our locally installed LTSP server.
rdesktop performs a lot better if you run it on the client instead of via the ltsp host
Each LTSP client will have an instruction to connect to their Windows Virtual Machine. It's a sort of VDI solution that allows me to drop in a Pi, create one type of O/S for each Pi that are identical (in that the O/S for every Pi in the office only connects to our LTSP server). As long as the LTSP server is configured for each unique client to access the Virtual Machine they need, a Thin Client going down doesn't mean a lot of u
and running again.
is there an lts.conf on the pi somewhere?
No, unfortunately there isn't.
There is a command.txt on the Pi that allows me to point to the LTSP server. I think this command.txt file might also handle auto login and language. It doesn't do all that much.
<||cw> makes it sound like you can put lts.conf options in cmdline.txt
but maybe not just any option
Really! I missed that. I'll have to give that try and see.
I had read in a forum post on the Raspberry Pi forum that lts.conf instructions were ignored. But maybe I can add some instructions to the cmdline.txt file instead. Thanks!
if you can figure out what it's doing with those LDM vars, it might be possible to expand the support, or even replace it with a tftp of lts.conf
might have to add a tftp client to the image though
but if all you need is rdesktop, it might even make more sense to just use a minimal rasbian with an xsesison that just loads rdesktop
since berryterm isn't giving you ltsp's management feature anyway
I'll do that cw...Thank you. As you can see I'm attempting to create a very cheap VDI solution for our small office using the LTSP server. They have the need to use Windows Computers due to the third party application they own that only runs on Windows. I'm investigating to move them to running all their Windows VM's to a locally hosted server (using Proxmox).
yeah, I've done the same but with older x86 clients
I've actually already deployed a couple of workstations using Rasbian where the first instruction when Rasbian boots is to rdesktop to their Windows VM. Problem is though if a Thin Client goes down or the SD Card becomes corrupt, I'll need to manually configure a new O/S for each Pi we use.
Using Berry Terrminal means I have one generic O/S that can be dropped on any Pi in the office. The configuration for each user/workstation is all done on the LTSP server side.
Reason for this complicated setup is I support my fathers small business remotely (8 hours away) and it's the easiest seutp I can think of to assist them if a Pi or the O/S (SD card) on a Pi goes down.
Not that this is a common occurrence. Just solving for the worst situation and making it as easy as possible.
what about having the script that loads rdesktop contact a server, tftp or http or whatever, so it can ask what server to connect to?
Plus showing off the benefits of Linux and using a free open source solution is always a plus. I've already gained interest in how this is setup from the company that supports the third party application we bought that only runs on Windows.
http might even be simpler since you could use php or perl or python to identify the client
Sorry, I have to confess I don't understand what you mean. So I would have as a startup application instruction on the LTSP client?
Or a script on Berry Terminal that loads rdesktop?
well, to start, berryterm isn't a proper ltsp client, it's just a ldm client
True. It just connects me to a true ltsp client on our ltsp server.
no, it connects you to an ldm session. it's not actually ltsp at all
which is the difficulty you are having
Oh, I see. But once I login with an ltsp client I am on my ltsp server with a desktop et all. Where I can then presumably have in my Autostart an command to connect to the Windows VM that client is assigned to use?
so the options are to figure out how to make berryterm pull the lts.conf and honor it, or to skip ltsp completely and make a work-alike that only support rdesktop
no, you are not on an ltsp client. berryterm is not actually an ltsp client.
it is an ldm client with some ltsp compatibility
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and that compatibility is only via using cmdline.txt variables that happen to match some lts.conf variables
Oh, I see. I didn't know that. So when using an rdesktop instruction from the lts.conf file (which is what I'd like to use), this would bypass the double hop I would be introducing if I did rdesktop from an ltsp client desktop.
ltsp is a collection pf standalone packages and some wrapper/glue scripts to centralize the management of them. rdekstop, ldm, nbd, pxe, can all be use without ltsp, and can be used on an ltsp server but without using ltsp.
I see. Thank you for clearing this up for me. I think what I'll have to do is look at the code for Berry Terminal and see if I can modify it for my purposes to use rdesktop instead.
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Would it be slow to use rdesktop from a clients ltsp session? I'll have to try this maybe using compression on rdesktop and see how slow it is.
i'm not sure, it's worth comparing
on my p3 700 systems, local rdesktop is much faster
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hello, ubuntu 12.04 I can't have sound working on my ltsp thin client. Gnome-session fallback shows me empty sound device.
pulseaudio is runing on thin client
I open session via ldm
To cw...thanks you very much for taking the time to chat with me regarding us using the Pi this morning. I very much appreciate your input. Have a great day!
greavette: good luck! it would be nice to see berryterm get lts.conf support, if it can be managed
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Hi! I have a question and I hope someone can give me advice... Do you think that I can start Blender on LTSP thin client HP t5335z Smart Client if the terminal server is very powerful... I mean is the terminal good enough?
i bet Blender is designed to use GPU and not CPU power, it will probably run but not very well
I see... It will be great if it can run somehow. Thanks for the answer... I will wait to see if someone else also has an idea
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trying hard to get sound on my thin client. After connet via ldm I get PULSE_SERVER=tcp:
thin client doesn't have this port open
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17:59* vagrantc gets back to tinkkering with libpam-sshauth
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18:19* vagrantc waves to sbalneav
hello, is there some var to change default output audio device in pulseaudio ?
your client has multiple sound devices or something?
yes. it has analog and hdmi output
i'd like to use hdmi (shared with display) but it uses analog at boot time
if i manually change with pavucontrol it works
doesn't seem to be, but probably not terribly hard to add a new param to lts.conf
though I've never tried
you could also use the RCFILE_## options to exec the pavucontrol command
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