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05:36* alkisg is implementing the subnet pinging solution to detect the server... :)
something like, if ltsp.scan4port=10809 is in cmdline:
i=0; while [ $i -lt 255 ]; do i=$(($i+1)); { wget -q 10.161.254.$1:10809 -O /dev/null 2>&1 | grep -q reset && echo 10.161.254.$i; } & done
nc would be better, but wget is already there, and in the future it'll work with ltspd too, so... :)
06:03* vagrantc likes that it's a feature to be enabled
and configurable port...
Sure, it's only for locally booted kernel/initrd, which will have that in the local cmdline
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Meh, no killall available, so: kill $(ps | awk '/wget/ { print $1 }')
in initramfs?
I think I'll put it as part of our udhcpc script
if it doesn't detect rootserver, and some cmdline switch is enabled, it'll essentially just set rootserver
the "udhcp" script that doesn't even necessarily use udhcp
Well, stgraber wrote an initial version of udhcp, but at that point I wanted to support the proxydhcp case, so I had to put my code there
I don't think I actually ever used udhcp
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the rest is history!
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i guess i'm hinting at ... does it need to be the same script?
It's where we do all the work about ROOTSERVER
Does it make sense to put it elsewhere?
06:21* vagrantc shrugs
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Hmm, it needs 50MB RAM temporarily, oh well
1 sec execution time in vbox
It'll have to do until we implement ltspd :)
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Ouch I tried setting the VM to128 MB RAM and the Ubuntu 16.04 kernel crashed with out of RAM before getting to launch the initramfs
07:32* vagrantc wonders how debian would fare
Eeeew the initrd is 34 MB!!!
systemd is pretty big though.
<alkisg>'s not gzipped, not cpio... /me checks what that is...
initrd.img-4.2.0-19-generic: ASCII cpio archive (SVR4 with no CRC)
ah you can compress it with xz too these days (which you probably already know) whic is quite useful.
I tried to zip it, it can't be further compressed, so it surely has a lot of things there
But I can't find a way to decompress it yet
I'm getting only a small "kernel" dir with 25 kb contents out of it
Inside the initramfs>, I see it has a whole lot of kernel modules included, for the network, gpu etc
20 MB /lib/firmware and 40 MB /lib/modules
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alkisg: you can tweak /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf to include less modules. not sure about what you're going to use it for but you might not need all those modules
highvolt1ge: it will be tough to find out which modules to exclude by default though
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modules=net might be better than modules=most, but it's untested in ltsp...
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-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 28M Δεκ 2 10:08 initrd.img-4.2.0-19-generic.netboot
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 34M Δεκ 2 10:07 initrd.img-4.2.0-19-generic.most
Well, even with just 6 MB down, the VM booted with 128 MB RAM :)
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!greek | echo irachovits_:
irachovits_: greek: Στο παρόν κανάλι μιλάνε μόνο Αγγλικά, για υποστήριξη στα Ελληνικά από την υπηρεσία Τεχνικής Στήριξης ΣΕΠΕΗΥ διαβάστε το και στη συνέχεια πληκτρολογήστε /j
irachovits_: την άλλη καρτέλα κοίτα, στο
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Does anyone know is rpi2's Ubuntu 14.04 Chromium build with gpu support?
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Hey channel. i'm curious, what does the thin client image actually handle? it is what is booted when a client boots i know, but where's the deliniation between what the server handles (auth, programs, etc) and what the client handles? i'm thinking in terms of thin clients here, not fat ones.
m3741: there's no simple answer to that question ...
m3741: it's a bit broad
i would say the thin client is mostly just running X
broad answer for a broad question :p
localdevs and makes that a bit more complicated
fair enough. to narrow it down to one thing that i'm trying to accomplish, where would customization things like /etc/skel go? on the server? in the thin client image?
and SSH determines whether or not you can get anything to happen
ah, ok.
can you elaborate on your ssh comment?
when a client is connected... the only real connection underneath is an SSH connection.
with X11 forwarding enabled
outside of like nbd, correct?
ok, nifty.
but NBD is just for the image running on the client
is there a point to really changing anything in the client image, other than to do an apt-get update and upgrade on occasion?
so if thin, the image is pretty much just Xserver and some core components.
if FAT, then NBD image is the WHOLE OS
and SSH is just used for authenticating login and mounting home folder
but not always you could use NFS
(for home folder)
m3741: if doing a true thin client, typically you would only modify the image for security updates and such.
though honestly, considering what hardware is like these days, fat clients frequently make more sense
@vagrantc agreed
one more question if you don't mind. is there a way to make non-persistent storage for users? i know i could just put down a pretty tight quota, but i'm wondering if there's an "official" way of doing it
and when i say fat clients, i mean LTSP fat clients, still booting off the network
something in lts.conf that i'm not finding
@vagrantc, yeah, gotcha.
when you say non-persistent... you mean physically or logically?
like RAM or /tmp ?
m3741: throwaway homedirs?
m3741: there are a number of ways to implement that
yeah, throwaway homedirs essentially. like if your home directory was in a ramdisk
m3741: but no simple "turn it on" feature yet ...
when the user logs out anything about their session is gone
if your homedir was a ramdisk, a reboot would throw it away automatically.
for each client logout, you probably don't want to reboot your server ... :)
is there an easy way to tell ltsp to use local RAM as the ramdisk for the session? at least for a user's home dir?
heh, no. i don't
m3741: there have been a number of methods on the ltsp-discuss mailing list over the years
m3741: it's starting to sound like you'll probably want to start getting involved with customizing the initrd
m3741: basically, you can have LDM rsync it to a clean slate at login
no need to mess with the initrd
either that, or using libpam-mount to mount and unmount a tmpfs homedir
that would probably work
oh yeah, that might even be better
i've got a setup like that with autologin for unauthenticated users on fat clients
i guess you could just add a tmp entry in to fstab
setting up libpam-mount would be done on the server, correct? sorry for the double-ask but i just want to make sure i'm not chasing my tail anymore
m3741: for thin clients, yes ...
alright. nifty.
championofcyrodi: fstab wouldn't handle per-session mounts ...
thats true, i forgot PAM supports session modules
and that there was a 'mount' module
so i lied, another question... what generates the ltsp tftp config file? i have my ltsp stuff under /srv/ltsp and /srv/tftp/ltsp instead of under /opt/<whatever> and it neglects to put the nbdhost and nbdroot lines in there
running ltsp-update-image 5.5.1-1ubuntu2 on ubuntu 14.04 x64
i'm gonna go beat on some things. thanks for all of the help!
m3741: ideally, it doesn't need them- pass it via DHCP's root-path
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vagrantc: ok, np. i don't have direct control over the dhcp server so it's not easily an option. i'll just keep my hack in place for now. thx
there are plenty of other options...
proxydhcp: A proxy DHCP server is defined by the PXE specification as a server which sends auxiliary boot information to clients, like the boot filename, tftp server or rootpath, but leaves the task of IP leasing to the normal DHCP server. More info:
m3741: ^^^
vagrantc: uhh, nifty. will investigate. thx!
if all else fails, you edit /etc/ltsp/update-kernels.conf in the client chroot (e.g. /opt/ltsp/amd64/etc/ltsp/update-kernels.conf)