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wonder why ubuntu.ltsp-fatclient doesn't show speaker applet on panel? is it disabled too?
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Merry Christmas all
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stgraber: there are some packaging bugs in ubuntu-ltsp, e.g. ltsp-bindmounts missing (LP #620133), ltsp-chroot not in /usr/sbin (LP #589833), /var/cache/ltsp missing from ltsp-client-core.dirs etc
stgraber: can I branch your packaging tree and send you a patch? Where do I find it?
i'm really tempted to switch back to packaging branches that contain the whole source tree
and then just merge in new upstream versions
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vagrantc, where do you keep your packaging branch? I think it'd be nice if we synced ubuntu with debian a bit...
there's a mirror on launchpad, but the main branch is on ...
there's sub-dirs for ldm and ltspfs
of course :)
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And the most recent one is "ltsp-debian-packaging", right?
alkisg: yeah
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stgraber: I attached a patch based on your current packaging ( in LP #620133
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