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Hi everyone! I'm trying to setup a system in which several computers can boot from the LTSP server and all changes to the system/user are lost after a reboot. Basically I want the /home directory to act just like the root directory does. I was told I needed to mount /home so that it would be part of the image. I've been pulling my hair out for the
last few days trying to achieve it, but I can't seem to figure how I am supposed to do that, and the documentation is pretty scarce on the subject.
I've tried to mount /home via /etc/ltsp/ltsp.conf with the FSTAB_HOME option, but everything I've tried (mount via NFS and SSHFS) either failed to mount entirely, or did not yield a different result than the default behaviour of writing changes done to home back to the server.
Thanks for reading me, any help would be greatly appreciated. =)
at2f: create a normal system with one different user per pc, e.g. users pc01, pc02 ...
Then create a script to wipe the /home/username on login and/or on logout
That way your kiosk users will be able to use any amounts of space without wasting ram
Thank you for your answer. If I understand correctly, I should apply what's discussed here: ?
at2f: no, what I'm suggesting is that you do a normal installation with one user per pc. Then just add a single "wipe everything" script to be run on logon/logoff
OK, so I would use PWMERGE to restrict a single user to each computer, then just delete the home directory on logoff?
Sure, PWMERGE limiting sounds good. If it suits you you could also use autologin or guest login
Since the users will not know the passwords, you don't really need pwmerge, but you can also use if it you like
Oh, autologin probably sounds easier. So, something like [MAC_ADRESS_HERE] AUTOLOGIN=guest01 should do the trick, right?
[mac:address] HOSTNAME=pc01 should be enough
Then use a global [clients] AUTOLOGIN="^pc\([0-9]*\)$/guest\1"
Thanks a lot! Sorry if I asked something that was already explained somewhere else, I searched quite a lot, but since it's pretty new to me, it's been very hard to filter down what I needed to do!
I'll try this out and report back if I have other questions. If it works just like I need it to, I'll make sure to write a page on the wiki. =)
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