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hey i am facing some problem while implementing the fat client on opensuse11.1
i am following the guide on url
while booting the client i get the error saying "cannot mount file system"
no error shows up when running kiwi-ltsp-setup -fat and kiwi-ltsp-setup -c commands
please help
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Hi, I'm trying to get sound working on my karmic ubuntu fat client set up using the new howto at I've put SSH_FOLLOW_SYMLINKS=False in lts.conf and that got chrome working but it doesn't seem to have worked for sound.
lspci run from the fat client and dmesg both show my soundcard being initialized but the sound control panel applet shows no hardware (the box has an S?BLive, which works fine in normal Ubuntu)
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has anyone managed to get sound working in a fat client?
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Hello all.
I realize this is quite the general question, but could someone help me find some good documentation or examples on how to setup your dhcpd.conf file to be able to point clients to different tftp sites on different servers according to MAC?
I have a ltsp server and Mytbuntu server and a Fog server... but would like to use them all on the same network.... having one DHCP server.
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(They all use PXE)
k-train, try "man dhcp.conf", I think you need multiple host stanzas, each with a different hardware address
k. I'll take a look at that.
k-train: i'd use the group options.
11:10* vagrantc digs up an example
k-train: you'll also need to add "filename" and other appropriate parameters...
k-train: you can specify any options you want within the group stanzas.
if you've got 10 ltsp clients, 3 mythbuntu clients, and 2 fog clients ... then i'd specify groups for mythbuntu and fog, leaving the default to whatever you have the most of
Thanks. That makes sense
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i use group stanzas when i want to test drive a new LTSP server, as i can set up a few thin clients to try the new server and have them both run concurrantly
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vagrantc: i was k-train.... but anyway... thanks for the examples. They seem to have Worked!!
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hyerk: glad it worked! :)
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