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JerryT: I have a few minutes free now, if you like
06:02* gehidore wants epoptes because the name is so cool
Haha :)
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is there something special if a fat client should be able to print?
there is no printer visible in the client and I am not able to change the printer server.
user is member of lp and lpadmin
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Hi at all,
have anybody a running LTSP on Debian stretch..?
we have it on 16.04
BuddyButterfly: cups right?
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ok, ubuntu run at me too -> 16.04 LTS
marc__: why are you trying to run it on sid?
yep, have a cups server.
no sid, i want to run on stretch, sid ist too expermentel
other clients list the cups printers and I am able to print.
(I mean non ltsp clients).
ltsp is Xubuntu 16.04.
the client
it is possible that LTSP runs at ubuntu at ist best...? ca. 75% of LTSP install on Ubuntu, right?
marc__: It runs very satisfactory here, at least.
@BuddyButterfly, ok, ist run at me too, but only on da VMware Machine as al client, i dont now whats going wrong. At the correct clients ist runs into a "Blank Screen"...
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marc__: in general, ltsp runs fine in both debian and ubuntu
BuddyButterfly: put this in lts.conf: CUPS_SERVER="$SERVER"
marc__: although stretch just got a newer ltsp, so it's possible that something is wrong there
marc__: install epoptes so that it's easy to run commands on the clients, and check xorg logs etc
epoptes: Epoptes is a computer lab administration and monitoring tool. It works on Ubuntu and Debian based labs with LTSP or non-LTSP servers, thin and fat clients, standalone workstations, NX clients etc. More info:
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alkisg: hey, nice to meet u agn. and tnx for the good hint!! will do.
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alkisg: did not work.
alkisg: I added CUPS_SERVER="" to lts.conf but it still shows as server the ltsp server ip. I have a different server running cups.
and I am not ablet to change anything in the printer dialog nor change the ip address of the server.
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BuddyButterfly: put your lts.conf to pastebin
screen_02: To get a root shell on an Ubuntu thin client:
alkisg_web: is it necessary to put this into a client section, or global?
Or, use screen_02=shell to get the output of getltscfg -a
global is fine
alkisg_web: Hi alkisg_web! Did you manage to find that ltspd source?
sbalneav: Heya! I mailed it to you and vagrantc about a week ago
ah, cool
(the next day from when we were talking about it...)
haven't checked my @ltsp in a bit :D
ll these large FS with no backups
ffs weechat die in a fire
What's wrong with weechat? It's awesome :D
it keeps turning mouse mode back on which randomly enters my entire statement into the wrong buffer sans first character
alkisg_web, Hi. I think I was asleep when you messaged that. lol
alkisg_web: Ah, ok, he worked on the parser part, I was working on the web part.
I'll just.... bolt the two together :D
15:55* sbalneav grabs a wrench and a rivet gun
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sbalneav: didn't i sent you the web part?
with the httpserver?
if so, it might be in another zip...
we have both http and https support drafted
Oh, ok, all I'm seeing is the parser part
Meh I'll look better in a couple of days...
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alkisg_web, epoptes allows remote connections?
JerryT: among other things, yes
It has an option for remote connections in the help menu
Would you like to look at that?
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JerryT: I'm not at work now, I can't from here
Maybe tomorrow morning (Greek time)
Sounds good, thank you.
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lso depends on if it's EFI or any computer controlling
seriously weechat, die in a fire
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