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So, after all that talk of upgrading and cleaning up our existing ltsp environments... I discovered I have a 2*8core xeon with 128gb of memory machine sitting here... thanks based staging area.
This is probably the most welcome surprise I've found when walking into a new/unknown environment ;)
wow, good one :)
do you have thin clients, or all they all fats?
all pxebooting thin clients
The only caveat is that we're doing home folder sync across sites, so as we upgrade each, we'll probably want to turn that off
I don't really plan on doing this site, and a site 50km away on the same day/weekend ;)
but yeah, after mulling it over, I really think ltsp makes more financial sense. Even at $300, the cost still adds up when you're buying 40 chromebooks
esp when thinking about how short the replacement cycle is likely to be (drops, spills, general wear & tear)
Usually it's the opposite, 40 fat clients + a simple server are cheaper than 40 thin clients + a monster server
And perform much, much better
But since you already have the hardware... :)
yeah, the production server(s) are similar hardware, but with 2 psus, raid, etc, etc.
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