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Wouldn't it be better if some plugins were moved to ltsp-client-core.postinst, like e.g. 010-pulseaudio-tweaks?
So if e.g. a newer pulseaudio comes out that needs different workarounds (e.g. upgrading a lenny chroot to squeeze) then a newer ltsp-client-core version could update those directory creations (/var/lib/pulse) or file moves (dpkg-divert /etc/pulse/ without having to build a clean chroot...
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What's the problem with NFS/tmpfs/aufs/unionfs that forces the use of bind-mounts?
alkisg: probably policy violations
alkisg: so can't really put in package maintainer scripts
vagrantc: hmmm ok... and I guess they cannot be applied from the initramfs because nfs/aufs/tmpfs doesn't work, so we don't have a writeable root file system?
I see there that a person using nfs/aufs/tmpfs got it working without stale nfs file handles:
Or is nfs/tmpfs/aufs generally a bad idea?
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(btw "Aufs was rejected. Let's give it up." -
There are other projects using unionfs merging of nfs/tmpfs and while bugs were reported, they show up as fix-released:
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hi.I`m having a problem setting up gpxe thin client with the ltsp server, what happens is that on the client if i login from the ctrl+alt+F1 window terminal it logs in, but in the grafical interface it doesnt, says password is wrong, thats because it is loggin in in the server accounts instead of the chrooted ones(saw this in the log). How do i fix this?
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