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alkisg@alkisg:~$ sudo ethtool -A eth0 tx off
alkisg@alkisg:~$ sudo ethtool -a eth0 ======> Pause parameters for eth0: Autonegotiate:on RX: on TX: on
Does this mean that my NIC doesn't support switching tx off?
ya, why they make switches that think. just push packets, der nit as fast as you can.
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can anyone help me fixing this ltsp issue on ubuntu interpid (8.10) , i am looking at the frozen screen since last one day and need to fix it asap on this remote site
nothing fishy in the logs, xorg logs etc.
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has the new LTSP logo been decided on yet?
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hi all
hey why cant i login to the local shell on a ltsp client if i chroot to i386 on the server and add an account
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you should be able to.
how are you trying to log in?
and what's the error?
robbie: ^^
just login incorrect
i have chrooted to /opt/ltsp/i386
and run adduser
even set a root passwd
why arey ou doing that?
robbie: what distro ?
cause i want root login
then just login as root
don't adduser
robbie: did you do: ltsp-update-image afterwards ?
i even changed getty to /bin/bash in event.d
you have to unlock the root account
and still get a login screen
ctrl + alt + f1 ?
console and all
btw, hi , im one of the old ltsp devels from last century
robbie: you need to run ltsp-update-image and reboot your thin client otherwise everything you do in /opt/ltsp/i386/ just won't do anything
ok ta
goodness me
its changed quite a bit
does jim ever hang around here ? (jammcq)
from time to time yes
hey mistik1
heh, he use to always be at his keyboard
ahh, so i can not use nbd ?
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Good evening. I hope everyone is well. I have a weird thing happening on my LTSP 5 server -- certain accounts can't log into the server from thin clients. Every time they do, they get the message "no response from server restarting" and the thin client reboots!
I am running k12linux built on Fedora 10. I searched through the mailing list and found similar situations, but they all refer to no one being able to log in with that error, not specific accounts.
wrong password.
TheProf: ^^
TheProf: or the user is disallowed from logging in in sshd_config
TheProf: look at /var/log/ldm.log or syslog on the thin client.
look at the lts.conf for how to get a debug shell on one of the thin client's vts.
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scott, you here?
sbalneav, your site on ltsp clusters is impressive
whoop, wrong one
has anyone here tried to make a dos image to pxe boot?
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