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Whose a dev here?
I really do think there should be minimal setups too.
And I wanna present you guys with one
It would be a better solution for operating CNC machinery under an LTSP environment, MATE could easily be stripped to base components.
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Helenah: alkisg is a dev but gone now, not sure of others, but they'll likely see your notes at some point
Helenah: Hi. Can you explain what do you mean by minimal setup?
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I'd rather use i3wm.
With the power of what a DE can provide for LTSP clients
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Helenah: a thin chroot is minimal. On top of this, you can add whichever programs you like. Which programs you'll want to add is not a job for ltsp itself.
So the best is for you to maintain your own list of the programs you want; and if you think this would be useful for e.g. other MATE users, you could open a bug report against the mate desktop environment, so that they create a meta package for the use case you'll mention to them
nfs: to enable NFS home directories for localapps and fat clients, install nfs-kernel-server on your server, nfs-common on your client (don't forget ltsp-update-image), and put this in lts.conf: FSTAB_1="server:/home /home nfs defaults,nolock 0 0"
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I've compared the original 010-etc-hosts on the new and on an operational (Debian 8) host. Both files are identical.
Fjalar: when it fails, what's the output of this? ls -lhaR /opt/ltsp/i386 | nc 9999
Fjalar: that's truly bad, btw, does debootstrap work in devuan, or is it completely broken?
Running.... it says "Retrieving packages".
Busy validating and retrieving dozens of packages.
Now building a directory structure in the given chroot. Looks like debootstrap is working.
After issuing # debootstrap stable test
Last message was I: Base system installed successfully.
Looks like a complete directory structure has been set up in the test directory. No error messages, so, yes, debootstrab appears to be working.
Got to log for now, but I'll be coming back to the issue maybe tomorrow. So far, thank you very much for your assistance.
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alkisg: I got i3wm and mate-session working nicely together. :)
Great! Not ltsp related, but great! :)
19:21* alkisg has never even seen i3wm
tiles everywhere ;)
its like a mondrian painting for your apps ;)
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ogra: heh
It's a good method for people who may want to use a WM. DEs use WMs, MATE uses marco, MATE is recommended in LTSP setups, typically, but there are smaller setups which someone may ask for. Just running a WM doesn't cut it, you'll have LTSP client issues when it comes to mounting, etc. You can use dconf to change the VM, and have mate-session-manager handle a very bareboned session with no GUI fancies, or
anything like that, that people may not want if they are opting for even smaller setups.
I thought about implementing gvfs, udisks2, etc myself and then running i3wm on top of that, however the mate-session-manager sets up this core stuff for you ready to use, and MATE shouldn't be all about the panels and the menus.