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eu^cpe-66-68-86-: why do you need the nvidia driver on the server, instead of nouveau? Is it a home server that you play games on it?
eu^cpe-66-68-86-: that said, linux allows installing any number of drivers, and the correct one will be selected on boot, so there's no need to do anything, except maybe rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf at boot
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alkisg, I'm trying to symlink a file to /etc/udev/rules.d/70-net.rules but on the clients that file is blank.
What I'm trying to achieve is I want the network interface on the thin clients to be eth0 because polybar (status bar) only seems to allow me to specify an interface name.
Oh nice
and `ltsp ipxe`
Put that under [common]though
not under [clients]
Yeah, just found that out
Okay thanks
alkisg, It works, thank you!
alkisg, I never knew it was a kernel parameter and I couldn't find that when I researched and resorted to a udev rule but yes that's a better way of doing it! :)
Helenah: it's a good idea for an ltsp wiki page
So that then we can just write !net_ifnames,and point people here there
alkisg, Yes, agreed
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alkisg, There are common screnarios where lets say an academic institute already has a storage server set up for user storage and common storage and would like for that to be mounted on the clients, I figured that out myself there is FSTAB_X, I'm just in the process of securely storing credentials. lol
It seems with /etc/fstab you've either got the option of specifying the plain text credentials in here or you can store them into a flat file. lol
I'm contemplating making the credentials files only root accessible.
But maybe there is a better way of doing this.
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