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has any of you had experience with x2go terminal server software?
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stgraber: the new italc gets me a 27% xorg cpu usage when ***idle***
(only ica running)
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"alkisg" pasted "Script to detect the LTSP network interface" (25 lines) at
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Can anyone test the above script to see if it works ok? ^^^
It's supposed to discover the interface that the LTSP server uses for the terminal, and should work for either 1 or 2 NICs.
alkisg, works :)
Thank you cyberorg :)
I'm developing the "ltsp-server-proxydhcp" package, I hope I'll have it ready by the end of the weekend.
(now that dnsmasq 2.48 is out)
cool, ping when done, we'll add it to opensuse-edu DVD :)
Yey! ;)
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alkisg: ouch, not good. I'll do some tests this weekend on that then. thanks
stgraber: Actually I saw xorg=27%, killed ica, and it stopped. Is there any more proper way to verify that ica is indeed to blame here?
(I did it enough times to be certain, but anyway, I was wondering how can I find which program is the one that uses xorg... top didn't show any cpu usage for ica itself)
you could try xrestop maybe it'll give you that information
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hey friends
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hey jammcq
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highvoltage: hey
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