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wow, I miss #ltsp for just one day and miss all the juicy stuff :)
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alkisg: "xauthority" :: to access the client X session from a local root shell, try: eval $(tr '\0' '\n' < /proc/$(pidof -s ldm gdm-simple-greeter gnome-session | cut -d' ' -f1)/environ | egrep '^DISPLAY=|^XAUTHORITY=') && export DISPLAY XAUTHORITY
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im looking into providing ltsp solutions for a couple small businesses, was wondering if i could get some advice about a few specific things
such as windows applications, most of these employees are windows trained and would not adapt well to new software, but i have read about the seamlessrdp and it looks like a good solution are there any major problems with running a windows server inside a virtual machine on the ltsp server?
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you don't need to.. you can boot directly itno the windows server if you want
but, remember the licensing issues
or rather.. boot directly into the the rdp dialog
ok thanks
what about finding information on having the thin terminal running its own OS or getting it through pxe over the server?
that's how it works
plenty of instructions or that
if you're using ubuntu or debian there are tons of instructions
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while trying to start dhcp3-server (debian) i am getting no subnet declaration for eth0, but i am trying to make it use eth1... however im not finding the entry on where to point the server to the correct interface
Naruni: which dhcpd conf file are you editing?
did the "include /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf";
then setup /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf the way i want it
but neither of those files are pointing the dhcp3 server to an interface
Naruni: the interface is automatically selected according to the network id
E.g. if you have a range for 192.168.0.x, and eth1 is on that range, that'll be selected
There _is_ a file that forces dhcp3 to select a particular interface, but it shouldn't be used as autodetection normally works :)
so if eth0 is 192.168.2.x, i should setup eth1 to static then try to run the dhcp server?
And set the dhcp range for serving IPs to 192.168.2.x, yes
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well 192.168.2.x on eth0 gets its IP from another dhcp server, i want to leave that NIC alone, and i want the dhcp server on eth1 to assign for 192.168.164.x
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Naruni: ok, just set a range for 192.168.164.x on your dhcpd.conf then
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