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Hey alkisg, I'm further with debugging the LTSP client issue, but not really wiser. I managed to get a root prompt, drop into the multi-user target. Everything seems fine. When I do 'systemctl start', lightdm starts normally, everything seems OK. When I set systemd boot unit to via kernel parameters, it freezes again.
Not really sure where to go now. Everything starts manually, but not via normal startup routine. Any idea where to look now?
Though, to be fair... I also have issue with sometimes where the client just crashes/shuts down after displaying the login prompt.
Hyperbyte: do other clients boot fine? To make sure it's not a graphics issue related to some race condition
Seems like there's some race issues happening.
I only have one client at the moment; a VM.
Which VM/ graphics card emulation?
Let me compare graphics hardware with the other 20.04 VM client I have.
E.g. virtualbox/vboxsvga?
Maybe I should do virtio? The other VM that I have uses Virto graphics.
Let's try.
Oh. I forgot to enable repository for latest KVM/Qemu versions..... that probably has a lot do with it, using age old software versions.
Yep... that was it... damn, stupid mistake.
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