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Hi there, i already (thank to the documentation this chat and debian wiki) got a chrootless ltsp-Server with Kubuntu using LDAP Connection + mnt to a QNAP-NAS (sadly QNAP doesnt offer linking your /home to a Nas directory (i asked: it is on their list..) working on a test installation only me currently uses. Now i want to reinstall (with current
kubuntu) and extend it - so the login screen doesn't show the admins name by default, libreoffice uses paths from the nas for templates etc. Firefox has Plugins + Bookmark Sync already preinstalled/configured for each new User and Design stuff like same background for each new LDAP user that logs in. So in short: i wanted to document each step in
the ubuntu forum - to exchange with others and maybe get help when something doesnt work. Is it ok to post my solution to get LTSP working with Kubuntu+QNAP and LDAP there? And other upcoming solutions/findings related to other software (libreoffice, firefox etc)? I wouldnt wanna post stuff that otherwise the ltsp-developers might be hired to solve
- so i wanted to ask if thats ok to post solutions that you helped provide.
Hi Ted468 , sure you can post everything you like there. We encourage "github ltsp discussions" to concentrate the discussions in one point, but of course it's not a problem at all if people discuss ltsp elsewhere
ah ok - i will link it then. i probably will also use the software forums also - like libreoffice forum to get ltsp working with that. I will also link everything to github. thanks a lot (y)
Btw I don't ever read the ubuntu forums, but feel free to post a link to the topic, once you open it
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While for "getting hired to solve ltsp problems", I actually prefer it if people can find the answers on their own or from google, forums etc. I'm available for hire, when they aren't able to solve the issues, but I have too much paid work already so I don't rely on ltsp support for anything
i will. why should you read it though;)  - but for stuff like settings of login-manager etc. this probably is best. thx for all your work
i am trying to find it myself - but as i dont know the situation of developers i wanted to make sure not to.. piss on someones leg...
Thanks for the consideration! :)
Thanks again - and have a nice day
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