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Channel log from 14 March 2010   (all times are UTC)

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alkisg, nice work on fatclients, got some students working on it, they have got full gnome running using ltsp fatclient
I do hope it'll get more widespread so that it gets more testing...
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alkisg, they are planning to do gnome and kde prebuilt images
Unfortunately, for fat clients prebuilt images are not much different from a live usb stick
cyberorg: i.e. we should put more focus to allowing easy updates/upgrades/app installations for fat clients
Now I'm using an nbd partition for that, so that I don't have to run ltsp-update-image
yeah, the image will be based on live CD
But that's not something anyone could do...
If we had an ext3 partition inside a file, though, it'd be much easier
"create a fat chroot with size = 50 Gb" or something like that
Of course if it was a .vmdk vbox disk image that could grow dynamically, that would be the best :D
01:04* alkisg goes for a loong bike ride, bbl
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they use sparse image
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anyone run xpra on ltsp?
xpra (the screen-like thing for X)
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morning everyone
Just a quick note that I'll be producing a new snapshot of ltsp and ldm that if they don't contain any visible bug will become 5.2.1 and 2.1.1. Unless someone has something that'll be commited in the next hour or so.
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Do we have any provisions for allowing localapps to access the local disks?
it defaults to True if unset, due to issues with laptops that suspend to disk causing filesystem corruption and whatnot
Isn't that exposed with ltspfs?
I.e. not for localapps?
localapps have access to localdevs, at least in theory.
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if you install ltspfs in the chroot, at least
Does the traffic go through the server?
it probably doesn't work as elegantly as one might hope...
alkisg: no, it's all local.
I'm wondering how I should handle internal disk mounting for fat clients...
similar code that makes localdev available to rdesktop
The users can mount the devices as usual, subject to policykit,
but it would be nice to have an option to mount internal disks on fstab
alkisg: depends on if you want to look at it from the distro perspective, or the ltsp perspective...
From the ltsp perspective, but I do hope that ltsp will focus more on fat clients in the future
i.e. should it behave just like a normal disked machine, or should it behave more like a thin client?
indeed, fatclients appear to be the immediate future
I don't think fat clients could share the LOCALDEV_DENY* infrastructure...
Wouldn't it be better if they behaved more like standalone machines?
I.e., if an admin wants to limit access, he could use pklocalauthority..
And I think it'd be better if we also used that for thin clients as well
No need to invent new semantics if we can reuse the existing ones...
problem is the existing ones change like the direction of the wind
whereas we've managed to create something that's actually stayed reasonably consistant for years
Yeah I'm just 3 years on the linux train and I've already seen more changes than I'd want to...
sometimes it feels like people want a new naming scheme, and the technology gets invented to make room for it.
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Mhm... and also some developers leave, and their projects stop being developed, and others instead of picking them up they're inventing new ones, causing chaos in the process
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at any rate, i've gotta roll...
13:23* vagrantc waves
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i'm playing video over ltsp :)
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well jaunty-ltsp isn't serving me so well lately; wondering if 10.04 builds are more or less safe to use?
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dear aptitude users.. your aptitude can moo.. get over it :)
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