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In the last section, does it really mean that I can put the new bootcode.bin to my old pi 2, and get all those new features like ethernet booting?
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<alkisg> ==> in the comments there's a how-to netboot an rpi2 with just bootcode.bin
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hi guys, going to set up ltsp on a primary school. Done some testing, and seems like it can fit their needs nicely and at very low cost. They got a few laptops and not sure how I can make these usable in a ltsp environment also. Maybe as half-thin clients or something?
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!ltsp-pnp | echo belowzero:
belowzero: ltsp-pnp: ltsp-pnp is an alternative (upstream) method to maintain LTSP installations for thin and fat clients that doesn't involve chroots:
This will automatically utilize the laptop CPUs better than the older thin clients
(you just need to enable "boot from network" for the laptops)
thanks alkisg :)
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alkisg: seems to be pretty close to how I set up my test environment. I have tested thin clients + with local apps, but not sure how to make use of the laptops they have. Fat clients can use local hard drive?
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belowzero: fat clients can use the local hard drive, but don't require it
It's like everything is a localapp with fat clients, the whole session
Kinda like booting the client from a usb disk, only it's from the network instead of usb
ltsp-pnp automatically makes fat clients of the good clients that can support it, and thin clients of the older ones
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Hrm, has the nbdroot=:ltsp_i386 kernel command line changed from 14.04 to 16.04?
After upgrade I get "Insufficient information to set up nbd"
name=, port=ltsp_i386
That seems wrong.
Anyone with working 16.04 LTSP want to check /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default ?
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I haven't seen the nbdroot=:ltsp_i386 for ages
...probably before 10.04\
$ cat /etc/nbd-server/conf.d/ltsp_i386.conf
exportname = /opt/ltsp/images/i386.img
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alkisg: awesome, gotta try ltsp-pnp then :) sounds great! I have to install programs the same way as witch local apps I guess?
alkisg: today they got 2x windows 2003 servers with AD DS. going to toss them out, but need some directory thing to keep users etc, openldap? or are there other nice alternatives for this case maybe?
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