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anyone experience problems with the print server on terminals quiting randomly?
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Hi All. I've just upgraded an Ubuntu 9.04 system to 10.04, but the chroot environment is still 9.04.
Is the correct procedure to do a build-client or to change the apt sources.list and upgrade the chroot environment.
I founded it's easier to rebuild whole chroot.
I guess I might lose some locally installed apps?
That's true.
Won't worry about that.
Do I need to clean anything up, or just run ltsp-build-client
If I recall, you must remove old chroot first.
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ltsp-build-client will tell if something is wrong or broken.
Thanks muppis
No prob.
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muppis: Thanks for your help it's all working on Ubuntu 10.04 now.
Bye for now.
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i can't build a FatClient on 1 box(call it dev) then move it to the box that is hosting the tftp deamon?
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hello, what is the command to update the client image, i think it was ltsp-update-client but I am wrong
Gibby, sure you can, you just need to configure inetd/nbd-server correctly on the serving box
ok, I just wanted to build a net fat client image, but they are booted most of the day, so i decided to just build it on a different box then shut the clients down, transfer the files/images and boot them
Gibby: you don't have to stop the booted clients to build a new fat client image
You can build it in a different directory
but when i do the ltsp-update-image it hangs
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You can run: ltsp-update-image --arch XXX
So you'd tell it to only update the new image
But how does it hang? Any error messages?
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hi, sorry for the confused question... I'm on my GNU/Linux workstation, I would love to be able to login in a ltsp server and have the ltsp desktop in a window so I can record a screencast with recordmydesktop... is it possible?
I would record the window where I have the ltsp desktop.. this way I can record from login to the logout
Install virtualbox and run an ltsp client in a VM :)
You can then record the booting as well :)
alkisg: mmm I'm a kvm guy... wondering if virtualbox offers a better screen speed/quality (kvm does not)
alkisg: very good idea, but apart from that, is there a different (easy) aproach?
I've never used kvm, but I can work normally with vbox with no delays
There's also nx, vnc, X -query... multiple ways
ssh in the server with -X and then start a session with xserver-xephyr ?
or connect directly with xserver-xephyr ?
Sure, whatever suits you better
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damn good idea, I'm trying with virtmanager and connected to the ltsp server, but seems it does not boot, I forecast some long hours of network troubleshooting, lol
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mmm seems that tftp start trasnfers, then the "fake" client, after tons of "....." writes "done"
but nothing more happens, sigh
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mmmm now the interface gets the IP, but after "booting from root path "/opt/ltsp/i386" message says "no more network devices" and "no bootable device" and stops
physical pc if connected works well
(at least, some days ago was working well... probably should verify)
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kmix doesn't seem to have any effect on the volume on a client. (Debian 5)
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Good afternoon!
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I'm trying to play a .mov file on my 10.04 thin clients as a localapp...
and I get the message: The playback of this movie requires a Sorensen Video 3 decoder plugin which is not installed.
I've got movie player running as local app and have I think the proper plugins installed in the chroot, but it aint workin. Any ideas?
lacking codecs
it's pretty clearwith that message
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i don't imagine it has much to do with ltsp really
can that video get played with non-localapps?
hmmm... so there isn't some trick to get mplayer to use plugins as a localapp? I wonder how I can test that?
No, I already tried that, but I haven't tried it on the server since that's 64bit and it has no sound card either.
Although... abeehc, I haven't tried as a non-local app since installing the plugins. I'll try that. Thanks!
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abeehc: I've deactivated it but won't be able to check till tomorrow. Bye!
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mmm creating a screencast is turning out to be a nightmare.. lots of problems (not ltsp related, just to rant somewhere, lol)
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alkisg_web: no error messages it just hangs, so if i do ltsp-update-image --arch XXX, how do i then tell it to boot that one instead of the old one?
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Anybody know what this actually MEANS? Jun 21 13:34:30 ltsp polkitd(authority=local): Registered Authentication Agent for session /org/freedesktop/ConsoleKit/Session15 (system bus name :1.132 [/usr/lib/policykit-1-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1], object path /org/ gnome/PolicyKit1/AuthenticationAgent, locale en_US.UTF-8)
Specifically, can I tell logcheck to ignore it?
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