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Channel log from 13 June 2010   (all times are UTC)

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Good morning
!seen sbalneav
alkisg: sbalneav was last seen in #ltsp 2 weeks, 3 days, 13 hours, 27 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <sbalneav> win 1
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alkisg: have you tested nbd-client with the -swap parameter?
it used to just hang
though maybe it got fixed ... i had reported a bug on it years ago
vagrantc: I tested it but I didn't see any difference
I just thought to put it there since it was designed for that, I didn't know about any problems
On the init phase, it hanged once out of 10 times
Both with or without -swap
it was fixed a while ago
Btw, is there any reason we dropped the -persist parameter?
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I saw an entry for that in the changelog, but I don't see -persist in the code
alkisg: i think that was dropped when nbd-proxy was implemented
Ah. Hmm....
We should somehow limit nbd-proxy to those using ltsp-cluster
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nbd-server -c (copy on write) looks the most promising though
No tmpfs needed => less ram for the client... maybe even dynamic swap could be implemented on top of that
maybe so
I wonder if sbalneav or the stgraber's colleagues that developed nbd-proxy could put some work on nbd-client/server and see that it works properly and maybe even implement some extra features like root path selection...
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(something like root-path for nfs)
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