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helo, i have a 1000/100/10 Mbit Nic and 100/10 Switch which Cabel should i use for my LTSP Server. Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6? Thank you.
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I have a problem with the graphics on a client. Moving the mouse causes interference on the screen - horizontal lines flashing at random. I guess this is due to incorrect X settings (refresh rates, etc), but what might I need to change?
jhaig|home: that's with the ancient S3's ?
It was detected as an s3virge
jhaig|home: I had the same problem in one of my labs: flickering because of the lab current, but worked fine at home. I had to work it in a lower resolution, i.e. instead of the native 1440x900@75Hz I had to work it at 1366x768@75 Hz.
If you change resolutions from the system > preferences menu, does the flickering go away?
Hmmm, I've just found another problem. The screen went blank (after a few minutes inactivity) and now it has come back but the keyboard and mouse don't work. :-/
Try changing VTs (Alt+Ctrl+F1 and then back to Alt+Ctrl+F7)
Didn't work. It is rebooting now.
This time it booted up in a much lower resolution - looks like 800x640.
and no flicker
800x600. It doesn't give me an option for higher resolution.
Hmm? Why's that? Does it still use the s3virge driver?
Now I have just logged out and back in (ie, restarting X) and it has switched back to the higher resolution for the login screen. Then I logged it and it went back to 800x600 but gave me other options. 832x624 appears to be the highest I can get with no flicker.
Did you also try the different refresh rates (if you have any)?
It only gives me one option - 75Hz.
That's with a tft monitor, right?
Can I force that in the lts.conf?
Yes, it is a tft
although there is also a crt I can try.
Yes, but do you want to? You may damage the monitor if you send it an incorrect refresh rate. Rare, but can happen.
I bet there will be no flickering with the crt... (at least in my lab it wasn't, with 85Hz refresh rate)
It is saying the monitor is unknown, but presumably with the model type I can find the correct refresh rate from somewhere.
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jhaig|home: to force the refresh rate, you set X_HORIZSYNC and X_VERTREFRESH, see the docs
alkisg: "docs" is For the most current documentation, see
E.g. you may set X_VERTREFRESH=60-75
Thanks. First I'm trying the CRT. I think I switched to the TFT before I got the graphics working at all so perhaps it will be OK.
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No, still flicker. I'll try setting X_VERTREFRESH
jhaig|home: which resolution/refresh rate did you try with the crt?
E.g. 1024x768@85 Hz?
I cannot remember. The login screen was whatever was detected, and there was flicker, but when I logged in it changed to the 800x600, which is now set for the user.
You may delete the default user resolution: rm ~/.config/monitors.xml
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OK, after playing around with it a bit, I have found that 1024x768@60Hz works without flicker. Would this 60Hz be the vertical or horizontal refresh rate? It doesn't specify.
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i would like some recommendations as to how powerful a server i should be using for ~10 clients the likely target for this setup will be a community center with client machines donated and hopefully the server as well.The intended audience will most likely be kids so i'd like a rough idea of what kind of resources i should expect to need on the server.
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knipwim, thanks i'll read that over but i'm also looking for some advice gleaned from real world experience
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i got only 1 client :)
knipwim: depends on what the kids will do :)
*sorry, hal14450 ^^^
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alkisg, that's something i don't know just yet but i do have a starting point as a metric for now
hal14450: e.g. if they're going to watch youtube fullscreen or run windows apps with wine, you'll need a lot more powerful server than if they're just going to run openoffice... :)
heh. and i always thought openoffice was a little on the brutal side :)
Really? I have very low CPU/bandwidth usage with swriter...
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maybe that's just my memories of the early days of diskless terminals at freegeek, where our powerful server was a PPRO 200MHz with 200MB of ram... :)
dual PPRO, that is
Wow... and the clients?
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alkisg: 486 and early pentiums
long time ago now ... but still, i remember staroffice bringing it to a halt
I didn't even know linux existed back in the 486 days :)
linux was written to take advantage of the featuers of the 386 processor, no?
Yeah, but back then the internet was almost non-existent in Greece
fair enough
200MHz / 200Mb RAM... Heh, that's about as powerful as my clients now :P
(worst one is 300MHz/64 RAM)
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I just setup LTSP and it worked fine until I rebooted. Clients can no longer PXE boot into the LTSP server
sudo /etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd restart doesn't fix it either
Ah, starting the dhcp3 server helped.
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