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sbalneav: "localdev" is (#1) Information regarding using pluggable devices and cdroms with LTSP can be found at, or (#2) for ubuntu:, or (#3) for debian-edu:, or (#4)
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ogra: LTSP packages to Gutsy are working?
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hi guys
I got help yesterday getting localdev working on LTSP 5
Still working, but really many devices don't show up when plugged in.
Though they work if I plug them into a LTSP server it self
So, seems like the clients don't have the drivers needed to mount the devices?? Is there a pack og drivers needed or is it a udev prob?
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I have some problems getting many USB devices mounted, some work, most don't, am I needing device drivers?
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hi everybody
i have a very small problem
where should i cp the ltsp-update-sshkeys ?
in the /ltsp/.../usr/local/sbin/ or in the /usr/local/sbiin/
i have an error :
/usr/local/sbin/ltsp-update-sshkeys: line 6: tempfile: command not found
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is there a way to increase the client resolution from 1024*768 to 1280*1024 ?
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i have a little big problem... i installed the symbiont manager, and when i change something in the dhcpd.conf the dhcp3 serve did not recognize the change...
how can i remove the stupid symbiont?
i tried apt-get remove but still the changes in the symbiont.conf will not help....
(In the first line there is something that everything will overwrite by symbiont.....
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is there a way to add Option "VBEmodes" "true" to my thinclient xorg.conf settings?
under ltsp5
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hm, for some reason, the keyboard stops working when X is loaded. any idea why that'd happen? it's a usb keyboard. works fine if i SCREEN_01=shell instead of ldm
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ian: don't set SCREEN_01 = shell. use SCREEN_02 instead
SCREEN_01 is "special"
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Eveing all
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!seen ogra
sbalneav: ogra was last seen in #ltsp 2 days, 17 hours, 6 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: * ogra really has to go afk now ... bbl
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