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where do i find the ltsp logs of thin clients on the ltsp server? I have a thin client that freezes up and when its power cycled it starts working again, i would like to dig into the logs but cant find them at /var/log/ltsp
thin clients are from the older LTSP, the one from the last few years only supports fat clients
there are no such logs since LTSP is basically really clever glue between standard linux tools
you probably want /var/log/dmesg
if the machine is locking up you might not be able to access it; you can set up remote logging which might or might not help you
something like rsyslog or systemd-journal-remote
those are standard linux tools, not LTSP specific. See their manual pages for what to do
quinox  sorry meant the FAT clients. Oh okay, the other clients are working just fine, so i just wanted to check whats happening to the others.
Thought logs would help, where i can see when it connects,  receive the image and the what happens after that.
on the server in /var/log/syslog , grep for dnsmasq: that's the process that should normally respond to the DHCP boot sequence + the mounting of the first filesystem over TFTP
depending on your setup /home is mounted over either ssh or something like NFS; for ssh you can check /var/log/auth.log, NFS by default is rather silent IIRC so you'll have to google a bit to see how to look at the logs
I'm off to bed now, feel free to hang around and ask questions: other people might show up eventually
Thanks for your help. I appreaciate it. Thanks alot. have a  good night.
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