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i have a fresh install of ubuntu server 12.04.5 LTS with ltsp. the pxe boot goes through and i end up with a busybox screen and (initramfs). I never get the ubuntu login screen. what am i missing ? can i look at logs somewhere ?
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is the lts.conf config file still used with the current ltsp server ?
yes, though it's usually downloaded from /var/lib/tftpboot/
any reason it wouldnt be there on a new server install ?
should work fine without one
it's optional
ok if so what configuration files do i need to work with to enable rdesktop to windows vm's ?
landing on busybox is probably trying to connect to the wrong server
probably dhcp settings
i fixed that part
it works now
next step is rdesktop
ah, enabling RDP would require lts.conf changes, yes.
i can just d/l a sample i guess and use that
ltsp-config lts.conf
should generate one with examples
tried that lol command doesnt work
tried installing ltsp-config and no go there either
the command doesn't exist, or what?
Unable to locate package ltsp-config
it may not be in 12.04
anyways, got to go...
k thanks for the help
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Hello stevecook here. I currently have pnp ltsp running well. Have just installed epoptes and is running well in all respects apart from one. when i do a broadcase, either windows or full screen, from the server, I am getting an infinity effect....cont....
that is to say, I get a windowed broad cast within a windowed broadcast all the way to infinity. A bit like the effect when you put two mirrors facing each other. any advice folks?
A bit like when you are doing a live TV broadcast and point your camera at the TV. :-)
yep. but i think i've figured out the problem. I've been using a vm on my server to test this. So, i think its just an artefect of that. An just goingto test on baremetal and report back
Was just an artefact of running vm client on server desktop. I can't believe I've been such a numb nut not to have figured that out earlier
bye for now
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Good Afternoon, I am just in the process of trying to install ltsp on a centos6 box and I have been following various tutorials on the internet to install this. I have got to the point where I believed that I could build the LTSP Server however it is failing for me and it is referring me to check /opt/ltsp/mock/epel-6-i386/result/root.log however this log appears to be empty when I look at it. Is there a way for me to diagnose what is
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jjacklin, have you followed this tutorial: I also had tremendous trouble getting tlsp up[ anf running with ubuntu 13 onwards as the old tutorials Ii used for 12.04 stopped working at the point...cont...
Hello Steve yes but I am running centos so I am using the yum package system and not apt-get
However, the tutorial i have libnked to above works a trest and you only need one nic for it aswell. Futhermore, it allows for realyl fact internet connections for the clients on that same nic so you cabn play full screen streaming vid perfectly.
14:23 you are arleady implementing the pnp ltsp?
well I ran through this and then got to the build stage and mine would not build
ah right..okay...given my lack of expertise, I am now less than useless to you mate...sorry about that.....I hope someone here can help you. For completeness, i should say, I myself amn running pnp ltsp on a 64 bit machine with 32 bit ubuntu mate 14.04 lts. I used 32 bit for reasons to do with the way the image is formed in pnp and the fact i cant predict the clinet architecture
yeah lol I have a centos 6 vps and I was looking to install ltsp on it for work as I am split between multiple machines across different companies so having a consistant machine
pnp makes for fantastically simple maintainence. no chrooting required. You just install on the server and make and then update the pnp image. The downside if the clients must be able to handle the imiage architecture that the server is running on. Hence the need for 32 bit
yeah you might be able to help, did you have to edit the config files in /etc/ltsp?
not at all. worked right out of the box. It was the simplest experience of installing ltsp I have ever had. It literaly took, including making the image, about twenty minute and it was up and running. I just followed those instructions in the link I gave, to the letter
I've jusrt got a link form my rourter to my nic and from my router to any othet client. However, it's even simpler than that. i actually use powerline adapters. so my entuire ltsp network is running of my mains plug ring
Every plug asocket in the building is now an ltsp network connection!
This means I just need two cables. One ffrom my server to the mains and one from my router to the mains. all clinet can just connect to the mains via powerline adpaters and they are good to go
I guess that means my mains is acting like a giant switch? But, given I know bugger all about networking prior to thispoint, I could be talking out of my arse
jjacklin: afaik ltsp isn't maintained for centos, so you either need to become ...a maintainer yourself in order to use it there, or choose some other distro
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vagrantc: thanks for the overlayfs fix. I was scratching my head for ages trying to figure out the mount command given overlayfs's limited documentation
can confirm it is now working nicely on Raspberry Pi 2
gbaman: is the rpi2 fast enough for student web browsing, youtube and all?
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Ah, my i5 scores about 80 times faster than rpi2... :P
and probably only 2-3 times the power consumption :)
19:25* vagrantc hopes mainline overlayfs doesn't require more changes
aufs and out-of-tree overlayfs have remained quite stable for quite some time
overlayfs has been broken for a few years in ubuntu...
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20:17* Hyperbyte forbids work_alkisg on saturday evening.
It must be just 'alkisg' on saturday evenings, sorry. Please fix this as soon as possible.
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work_alkisg: Yeah, the Pi2 is pretty quick for web browsing. Still not on par with a desktop machine of course, but can do youtube videos
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