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I see in the installation notes a systemd requirment. Is that a recommendation or a hard depedency ? I ask because i want to try it with Devuan.
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"Devuan GNU+Linux is a fork of Debian without systemd that allows users to reclaim control over their system by avoiding unnecessary entanglements and ensuring Init Freedom.
I'm actually quite happy with systemd, it gives me a lot of control over things :shrug:
Anything that pushes distributions to get unified is good in my book. Too much diversity hurts open source more than "too little freedom".
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systemd is technically pretty good, but I disagree unifying things is a goal of its own... for example, I think guix is a fantastic distribution and probably the biggest advancement in GNU/Linux distributions in the last decade, the advancement before that probably being systemd
Innovations are a good thing, there should be ground for them. Backups are a good thing too, e.g. "if gnome fails, let's have a kde option".
But when a developer needs to test 5 init systems and 5 desktop environments, they're just not going to bother with Linux at all, they'll make their apps Windows-only.
So diversity is a problem when there's not a unified API. Imagine what would happen in the internet was using the "linux way", you'd only be able to see 10% of the web because they wouldn't all use http
there's some truth to that, but the Internet example is a good one -- back when IE was dominating, all websites were targeted at it, and most things sucked. We have the same phenomenon now with more and more sites only working properly in Chromium derived browsers
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The fact that IE or flash sucked isn't the same example. That still allowed most users to view most content, and developers to have their minds at ease.
And that's why developers now don't care to test with any minor browser around, they just test with chrome-based and firefox and don't care further.
Developer time is too precious to waste in supporting 1% of use cases, unless of course you get paid for that.
but more often than not, they don't even test firefox any more...
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