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Hi, Is anybody know if it is possible to use an authentification with a USB key , like pamusb but with the key plugged on the thin client ? thanks
feanorsam: afaik it's not possible with the stock LTSP, you'd have to make the appropriate modifications yourself.
I hate Flash.
Nah, just youtube and the other video-related sites for using flash ;)
alkisg, well.. Need to set up webcam for flash-based site. Pain in the ...
If cam works, but mics doesn't. If mics works, cam doesn't.
That happens with newest beta (, but looks like with eveything works.
Now. Where I get .162.29 32 bit ?
Is that a stock version shipped with Ubuntu? Or a version from their site?
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alkisg, trying to look up where it is obtained. Looks like installation from PPA.
muppis: if you installed it from some source, "apt-cache policy" will tell you
Well.. Packages name is flashplugin64-installer..
And with e.g. "apt-get install flashplugin-installer=" you can install a specific version
I know. Just trying to find out where installer grabbed it, is it doesn't come along in deb.
Why do you need to know that? You can just reinstall it and then get it from your file system
Need to find 32 bit version from it.
Anyway, ok
(As I got here 64 bit installed..)
E.g. you can run that in the chroot as well
alkisg, thanks you.
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I hope I founded uit.
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good morning everyone
good morning marc
good morning
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Hello all. I wonder if anyone might help. I'm experimenting with XDMCP, got it working from thin clients, but have a hard time making the users share a directory. If one opens a file, say in GIMP, so can another. The last save wins. This is not satisfactory. Googling taught me that file locking in Linux is not a straightforward as the average Windows user would expect, and that it is up to each application to enforce it. So, how can a Linux serve
r be used for *shared* work?
Shouldn't you rather be asking this in the channel of your favorite Linux distro?
I mean, this has nothing to do with LTSP (Linux terminal server project)... not that I would mind giving you the answer... it's just that... I don't know it. =)
I figured that it is a generic enough issue that people on ltsp would have come across. Thanks though :-)
pdi: you should have separate users
oh, sorry you are talking about multiple users accessing 1 file
what exactly do you want to happen?
when 2 or more users login to the central pc, they should have access to a common directory where they can work on common projects without overwriting each other's work
pdi: actually, I have all data files on a seperate server, away from LTSP... it uses an NFS mount, which includes locking I think.
pdi: i don't believe there's any way to stop a user from overwriting another user's files if they have write permission on that file
and the program itself doesn't implement some sort of mechanism for catching that
Hyperbyte, why did you choose this layout?
pdi: yeah, there's no built-in "version control" to the OS
vagrantc, yes this is what I think so too, but it seems that on a multiuser OS like Linux there would be some solution to that
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pdi: the best you can do is through "umask", make it so that the owner of the file can edit and others can only read
Gadi, that would reduce flexibility. I'd rather anyone can work on a common file on a first come first served basis
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well, thank you all very much for your input
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Hello, does anyone have any experience with running LTSP and CUPS without a local spooler?
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