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Yeah!!! and gpxe-git now both support the proxydhcp protocol! LTSP doesn't have to include a dhcp server anymore nor depend on modifying an existing one!
I'm going to create an ltsp-server-proxydhcp package (similar to ltsp-server-standalone) for this in my PPA... Purely plug'n'play! :)
okay, what does the proxydhcp protocol do?
It sends only the boot filename (and whatever other boot info one needs)
So the existing dhcp server stays as it is, and the ltsp server only fills in the bits it wants
sweet. i assume one needs a special PXE stack for that? (gpxe-git?)
No, all nics support it
...and gpxe just also supported it.
oh. awesome.
Only the older etherboot NICs will have a problem, but I guess they may flash them...
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