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Evening folks. I'm running PPA LTSP - Installed: 21.01-1+202111030942~ubuntu20.04.1. I can't seem to get the CUPS_SERVER to work for a Debian chroot. Here is a paste.  Any suggestions? Near as I can tell the chroot has the same packages as my non network booted desktop yet the variable refuses to set. I'm
close to just putting it in the chroots /etc/environment file but I know that isn't the proper method.
For the record the CUPS_SERVER variable is working on the environment file for my desktop mentioned above.
is the ltsp initrd being loaded?
and have you run "ltsp initrd" after setting the CUPS_SERVER variable in ltsp.conf ?
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yes i have. the other variables are setting. ssh is even starting once i removed them from the excludes list. but the cups_server just isn't happening. If i try to start the service on the client directly it says the service is masked.
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an update on my issues i posted last night. The cups server still isn't starting even in an ubuntu chroot. However the default_image is working when under the [common] section rather than the [clients] section. the cups_server variable however is working so the need to start the service is irrelevant at this point.
solved the iso fstab by moving the file to a non spaced name.
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