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On thin clients, scripts in /etc/network/if-up.d are not executed because the interface is already up when the client boots.
Shouldn't some package execute them? But which one? LTSP? Upstart? ...
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Hi my system is telling me to upgrade to 10.04.1 what are the implications of this?
do I just press upgrade and everything will be fine?
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mnemoc ?
maybe will maybe wont?
Should I just leave it then
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hi.. is there are server sizing documentation / guideline for ltsp 5.x ? especially 5.2?
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stgraber, ping
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indradg: there is, in the docs, look at the channel topic
Basically 256 + #clients * 192, if I remember well...
(for ram)
But of course it depends on your needs
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Normal (non-LTSP) Lucid installations within Virtualbox, and also the Lucid live CD, have mouse pointer integration out of the box.
On the other hand, Virtualbox LTSP clients (fat or thin) don't have mouse integration.
Anyone knows the package name for that? It's not '*virtual*' nor '*vbox*'...
I thought it was virtualbox-ose-guest-x11
i think on debian it's virtualbox-ose-guest-x11
dpkg -l '*virtual*' returns nothing, as does dpkg -l '*vbox*'
So I'm puzzled as to why mouse integration is working
It'd be nice to have mouse integration for virtual LTSP clients for testing, without bothering to add the guest utils to the chroot...
apt-cache search ^virtualbox-ose
alkisg: or you're saying the integration is working on a machine without those packages installed?
It's must be some kernel hack or something similar. It's just for the mouse, the screen is still 800x600, not resizable.
lsmod | grep vbox => again nothing
20:15* alkisg wonders if the oracle virtualbox emulates a touchscreen...
Yey, I booted the new guest that I made for Lucid today as a virtual thin client, and mouse integration works there too!
So I just need to update the virtualbox settings for my older virtual clients... let me find the proper setting...
"Enable absolute pointing device" ==> it emulates a tablet
that's what kvm/libvirt is doing too
So with that, and with the additional VESA modes that vbox provides, I get a full 1280x800 vbox LTSP client with mouse integration without touching the chroot... nice!
20:26* alkisg needs to have a look at kvm some time...
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