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Huh. Found out a problem with python.
In C, when you call setuid or setgid, you simply pass the uidnum or gidnum, and it's done.
Which means, you can setuid or gid to a number that doesn't have a corresponding /etc/passwd or /etc/group entry
Which is what we want, because we need to setuid to the user for the ssh tunnel before we can bring over the passwd and group entries.
however, python insists that uid or gid *have* passwd and group entries.
So I'll have to write a python module that doesn't do the check.
Nothing is easy, said the elephant to his mistress the mouse.
you can always use check_call
setuid isn't an external program, it's a library routine.
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Ah, the problem's not in setuid
it's in nss.
ssh won't start without uid and gid entries.
chown also takes uids - I sometimes have to fix stuff that way when the LDAP and /etc/passwd pick the same ID for different users
(useradd and adduser do totally different things... and I usually end up using the wrong one by mistake -_-)
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