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heya folks! our coöperative [Autonomic]( just took on maintaining a LTSP-based system, we're loving it so far - managed an upgrade from LTSP5 to the newer system based on Ubuntu Jammy with no problems 🙂
we're wondering if anyone has advice on using virtualisation (e.g. KVM, or qemu-kvm) to test out netboot images? we're trying to fix up a couple of post-upgrade snags, and we'd prefer not to have to ask folks in the office to reboot machines to test things out
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Sure you can netboot VMs in the same way as real boxes
alkisg1: thanks! reassuring to know it's possible 🙂 any tips how? I've been searching on and off today but haven't found a recipe yet
I'm using virtualbox myself, which has an intel pxe stack
(I will eventually RTFM for qemu, but hoping someone has worked it out already 🙃)
we did manage to follow "Booting the chroot with KVM", but it seems like this isn't exactly the same environment, it doesn't do DHCP + PXE, it's just running straight from the chroot?
I'm sure kvm can also do it. One way could also be to boot from ipxe.iso
thanks for the advice! will give that a go 🙂
threewordchant: i use virt-manager with ... some particular ethernet type
19:24* vagrantc rummages around
ooh that'd be great to know, virt-manager is the frontend i'm most familiar with
* know, virt-manager / virsh is the
yeah, that's what i use the most as well
macvtap only works if the virtual client is not running on the same hardware as the server
i tend to run both server and virtual client as virtual machines on the same network ... then you'd use something different
in fact, it has been some years since i actually did any ltsp with real hardware. heh. :)
i tend to just use the default NAT network then
and dnsmasq dhcpproxy handles most of that ... sometimes need to test a specific network configuration, though
yep, for context the LTSP server is physical, dual-NIC, and is also the DHCP and DNS server for the LAN. so it sounds like default NAT might work. will cross fingers and give it a go 🙂
s/give/try/, s/a/out/, s/go//
well, default NAT won't work unless the server is on the same bridge and configured to proxy for that bridge
although, who knows :)
the default NAT provides it's own dnsmasq running ... but ... maybe the proxydhcp will still work on that
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I sometimes let dnsmasq announce different netboot settings for specific MACs (Which are usually virtualbox VMs with a bridged network), that way I can test without disturbing others
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s/with/very/, s/no/smoothly/, s/problems//
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woohoo! i got it working 🎉 thanks so much for the help @alkisg @vagrantc @quinox!
I'll post the full rundown tomorrow (maybe even on the wiki, if folks think it's useful?)
but the short version was making a bridge, putting the internal NIC on it, then
sudo kvm -m 1024 -cdrom ipxe.iso -boot d -netdev bridge,br=br0,id=net0 -device virtio-net-pci,netdev=net0 -vnc :0