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Hello there... I wanted to set up a reverse vnc connection in my LAN because I'd seen you do it. I'm using x11vnc on A and vinagre on B. I can connect to A from B just fine. However, trying to reverse connect to B from A using `x11vnc -connect 192.168.x.x` says that there is no route to host. I know this is not directly related to LTSP but you're
the only one who seems to have pulled this thing off and I'd be extremely grateful if you could give me some pointers.
P. S: You've helped me before with LTSP setups and I'm very thankful.
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Hi eu^10375498 are you still here?
tag: tag: git tag -s v20.03 -m 'Version 20.03' && git push --tags
i might be a bit more busy in the coming week, but should be able to get to it before the end of the month :)
07:17* vagrantc also likes git config --global push.followtags true
correct syntax might vary a bit :)
07:17* vagrantc waves
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Hey vagrantc! No hurry at all
07:18* alkisg googles about followtags...
Ah, so essentially if I set that, I don't need to specify --tags when I push...
To everyone: apart from ltsp 22.01, I also uploaded epoptes 22.01; they'll reach the stable PPAs soon
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Nice :-)
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