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HI LTSP team
question, why the thin client feature is removed in latest version compared to v5 ?
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Hi alkisg_irc. :-)
Heya Hyperbyte
How's it going?
I'm building a new LTSP server for a client with the latest lts Ubuntu. :-)
I'm forcing certain user config using dconf, which works great on localhost. login manager background, mate settings, etc.
Somehow on a PXE booted client it doesn't work. Not sure if this is a known issue?
I *think* I may have to be taken outside and shot
I'm not aware of any dconf issues that would be specific to LTSP
I have a hunch.
If it's right, then I really should be ashamed.
Yep... that was it.
.... had to update the LTSP image
I'll see myself out now. ---->
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Hello, I'm working on porting ltsp to rhel/fedora environment. For now I have managed to get ltsp.img via tftp to the terminal, but after that, the initramfs does not start. Any tips on what could be the problem?
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Heya capscience , nice to know that someone's working on porting ltsp to rhel/fedora
When you're sending ltsp.img plus initrd.img, which one are you sending first, and which compression is each one of the using?
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