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I'm trying to install a program "Listaller" into the chroot so I can install another program, SMART Notebook Software".
To install listaller I need to add a repository to the sources.list file. Is there any issue with simply copying the sources.list from the 64 bit system to the 32 bit chroot?
I'd make a backup of the chroot sources.list, but I wonder if things would get screwed up in my chroot after running a apt-get update and apt-get upgrade with this copied sources.list.
dgroos: why copy?
I want to add another source to the sources.list in the chroot and that file is read only. I could change the permissions but...
I want to add the listaller source.
Not sure if I'm *supposed to* edit the chroot sources.list file.
dgroos: sure, edit is fine
Or should I just create a new file in the sources.list.d directory?
OK so I'll just make it writeable, add it, then rechange permissions?
dgroos: i didn't think you needed to change mode
dgroos: i have 644 over here
pmatulis: right ... why did it say 'read only' when I opened it with sudo just a few minutes ago and now it doesn't? And mine says 644 too (upon checking). OK. Thanks!
dgroos: why do you need to install something in the chroot anyway?
I want to install SMART software so I can use it as a localapp.
dgroos: ok
pmatulis: Just to check... it says to put 2 lines into the sources.list page (a deb line and a deb-src line) but I only see deb lines in the chroot sources.list file. As a matter of fact there are only 3 lines in the current chroot sources.list file.
dgroos: you don't need the src line unless you need to compile something
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pmatulis: ok.
dgroos: have you ever installed stuff in the chroot before?
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pmatulis: yes, but I do it so infrequently--just in bursts when I need it--that I forget details and have to relearn them each time, though my blog helps :)
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successfully installed, getting barrier when trying to use the listaller software in chroot. Upon typing in chroot: listallmgr-gtk
I get: (listallmgr-gtk:6061): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :2000.0
and brings me back to the root prompt...
Any idea?
I can always try vmlintu idea to install SMART software by changing this .package software installer into a .deb installer. but that's not trivial.
pmatulis: Any thought on the display warning?
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pmatulis: Thanks for your help. I'm going to try the make-deb-package solution and install it in the chroot.
ogra, you about mate?
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any tips on recovering data from a HDD that had a xfs partition and had its partition table wiped?
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just started working with ltsp on ubuntu 10.04 - got pxe boot working - splash screen loads on thin client - login and you get a cmd prompt.... the pxelinux.0 file loads vmlinz (not in front of machine now) ???
21:13* vagrantc is a little confused about the order of events...
yah I know I am sketchy as this is my first rodeo with ltsp...
basically I have a server that is terminal only and I am not sure I have a shell downloaded and a config file setup to tell what the thin client should load
we thought about building the ltsp client again but got a warning that a buch of dirs where going to get wiped out.
RoytheDog: so the thin-client gets a graphical login screen, but then opens up a terminal with a command prompt?
you need to install a desktop environment or window manager on your server
and all the applications you want the thin-clients to have access to
ok in ubuntu would that be as simple as.... sudo apt-get install DESKTOPNAME ???
i think there's an ubuntu-desktop package, that'll pull in the default graphical environment on ubuntu (i'm a debian user/developer, so not totally familiar with ubuntu)
I think I have to tell a conf file somehting about the desktop enviroment to use
RoytheDog: just install a desktop environment
it'll use the default
right now, it falls back to xterm or x-terminal-emulator
that is cool I hope it works beat my brains on it for a while
gets splash screen mouse works
hey could it be that I just have one user (named test) that I used to install with - could it be he may only be set for a terminal screen or am I reading way too much into this?
just install a desktop environment
many thanks - where in the world are you?
cascadia :)
some would call it oregon
;) I am in fla.
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