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happy 4th to everyone
sorry, too busy trying to find a union jack to wave around.
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jammcq, happy 4th to you too, and everyone else residing within the bounds of our political establishment ;)
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stgraber: working on a new ltsp version?
i've got some commits for the pxelinux configuration that i'd like to get in
shouldn't affect default behavior, but adds support for memtest86*, menu/vesamenu and IPAPPEND
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vagrantc: currently merging some long waiting changes, waiting for a fixed ldm before releasing something though
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jammcq: have a Brazil report?
stgraber: for the CRON* stuff, i'm curious why you parse lts.conf rather than just using the variables in environment...
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vagrantc: because we eval these in the environment
vagrantc: and so * in the cron line are replaced by the list of files in the directory
it makes it difficult to support, say, lts.conf in LDAP or something...
yeah, I know I did it that way after trying everything I could think of
we had been trying to parse everything from ltsp_config and/or getltscfg
but yeah, i can see how it would be tricky...
we would need to get rid of eval $(getltscfg -a) in ltsp_config and replace by something else that won't interpret * or any other shell variables
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