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which do you guys think will work first, uefi pxe, or ipv6 pxe
taking the safe bet gehidore
maldridge: always :D
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Thanks for your answer ! But sadly i cannot use legacy, my hardware doesn't allow it (Zotac pico mini). But i'm not far to find the solution (I Think...). I've configured tftp to serve an efi-bootloader and my Zotac see it :-D Surely the Problem is to giv the right file (32 or 64 bits efi), because the Zotac has a 32 bits efi and i tried with the 64bits....
I'm not really sure that i cannotuse legagacy but i've tried every possibility in the "BIOS" settings and i cannot disable the UEFI. Have I miss something ? Or are there Haddware only UEFI ? Are the new Hardware so ?
for example, on a Mac.. Can we use legacy BIOS on a mac ?
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Csernay: sort of, macs have thier own special flavor of pxe that can be used to install the os. I'm not aware of any FOSS projects using it though
ofc, newer macs use uefi
Mac was only an example (for me) of Hardware that cannot use legacy (I suppose).. I don't have a Mac, but People tell me to disable the UEFI and use the legacy Mode, but it is not possible on my Hardware (Zotac pico mini). I have to understand how to serve via TFT an UEFI-PC. At this point, I think I could connect the server and the UEFI-diskless but my Problem is to give the right 32 bits bootloader in the TFT server..
With my new configuration of dhcpd.conf, my UEFI now recognize that there is a connection. Before the configuration of dhcpd.conf my UEFI was looking without finding a connection. Now the connection is made but my diskless says Unable to fetch the TFTP Image. I think the image is innapropriate and i?m lokking how to create a 32 bits bootloader that my UEFI-PC would accept...
Csernay: you could compile grub2 for 32bits, but I don't think there are built versions that target that architecture
Oh... That's what I wanted to try.. Try tomorrow... Thanks for your Advice and your attention !
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There's a 32-bit grub build there
But for netbooting, distros do ship 32bit versions of efi grub
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My notes for uefi/ltsp:
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<work_alkisg> has bootnetia32.efi
That should be enough to load an 32 or 64 bit kernel over the network under a 32bit uefi environment
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seems like ive been in here quite a lot the last week
i just took stock of 15 rasberry pis
checked out pi net
and low and behold im told to check out this channel again!
i've had issues with some computers in my network
and was looking to replace them with pis
my biggest limitation is I really use minecraftedu quite extensively
and i know it needs 2GB minimum
is it possible to virutalise memory over a network?
something like a thin/fat client
chubby client?
a lot of my current stations are using less than 2 GB as is
(very old donationware)
so if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it
I'm currently seriously considering harvesting memory from the server for some of the clients
but for those who have seen me here in the last couple weeks, you may understand my reluctance to mess with it now that it "works"
(minus some odd cases where running applications causes reboots...)
(I think this has to do with the switch I am using
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hah. even an rpi2 only has 1GB of ram... can't imagine network swap would e anything but painful
'well yeah
swap on Loopback is bad enough
you'd be better to put swap on each machine on a sd card imho... then setup the fatclient to use that...
even if you burn thru sd cards like mad... probably still run better than over network
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is the ltsp project mostly dead? i don't ever see any real updates on it.. ?
it isn't tremendously active, no.
there are bugfixes here and there, as people scratch what itches they want fixed
there are grandiose plans to move towards some ideas we'd call LTSP6
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hmm I see
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