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I'm running epoptes server in lxc container ubuntu:20.04 and having problems typing and using root terminal on the client locally from epoptes. while similar setup works with ubuntu:18.04. ltsp clients image is based on the container os, no chroots. everything else I can use without issues on the server and client (monitor/assist) but not the root access to the client from epoptes. I just tested also
client terminal from epoptes reomtely doesn't work well
sorry i meant client terminal from epoptes locally
is here anyone else using ubuntu 20.04 and epoptes terminal to client (locally)? does the terminal environment work normally?
vsuojanen: do you see the clients on epoptes before they login?
yes. and it doesn't make difference after the login. it's using ubuntu default gdm3
I'm thinking is the epoptes client running too soon and it grabs some gdm3 login environment locales
well not too soon but... is there something to look
the locales show right in the terminal that epoptes is running but some keys like tab and arrow key don't work. return key works but echo the line in the stdout
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vsuojanen, use the greek schools ppa, it contains a fixed socat version
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