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Hi,... (full message at
Paul Grange: is the VM still booted when you're doing that?
What's the output of: sudo fdisk -l /mnt/trial/trial-flat.vmdk
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Hi, Thanks for looking :-)... (full message at
If it helps, i made a point of not making use of the experimental ZFS and went for the traditional method, with a fixed size VMDK virtual drive,
Yes, i believe it still boots ok, though have copied it from one place to another, which does take some time to do being 50GB
I had wondered if the copy process was failing, as takes so long, but given time when copying in terminal window, the prompt does return, as if task successful.
Had another go with a different Virtual drive, and checked the image virtual machine was shutdown, and same issue
root@host-VirtualBox:~# sudo fdisk -l /mnt/Pauls_Drive/LightScoutTCImage/LightScoutTCImage-flat.vmdk... (full message at
Paul Grange: don't use fat + lvm for the VM disk
It's easier to use an MBR partition table with the first ext4 partition == the linux installation
The ltsp code needs to be simple as it's run inside the initramfs; it can't support complicated disk layouts
I'll give that a try, thanks :-)
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s/I'll give that a try, thanks :-)/Trying now with a single root partition on ext4 and indeed it seems to be working this time, Thanks :-)/
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