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vagrantc: ok since you don't like the "pamltsp" pseudohash, for now I think I'm going to assume "if the user is not a system user and doesn't have a password hash, i.e. hash length < 10, try ssh auth"
So, pwmerge will delete the hash of imported users and that will mean they're pamltsp users; and the sysadmin may tag a user as pamltsp by running `passwd -d user; passwd -l user` (delete and lock, i.e. put "!" as the hash)
Does that sound better?
pamltsp will also prevent the user from locally changing his password in any case (so he won't be able to accidentally run `passwd`and set a password and that way untag himself),
so, local users will have a password hash, and won't get authentication, and pamltsp users will not have a hash ...
er, wont try pamltsp authentication ...
Hrm no, this won't work, as some tools or DMs won't even show those users
Bad idea; I knew I had turn it down a couple of days ago for a reason :D
Meh back to the original "pamltsp" hash, which works everywhere!
And we'll see if it ever causes any issues
DMs only show users with a password? how does that work with ldap?
They don't see the password in shadow
With pamltsp, they'll be able to see a "locked password"; and it's correct that they'd disable the user
or is this for the "show an icon for the user" vs. username/password entry box?
E.g. mate-users-admin shows "account disable; want to enable it?"
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